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APR 27, 2016

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International Orders: We might ask for an additional payment for shipping if your purchase over 230 g must be sent outside of North America. We ship via Air postal services, International parcels over 2 kg - Air or Surface (traced, insured).

‹ If required, please calculate your shipping rate online (our postal code is M6M 5A7), or contact us for assistance. Shipping is free for orders over $300.00.

An extra 2% discount applies to a purchase of the whole lot for each yarn.

FINAL SALE ITEMS ARE SOLD IN LIMITED QUANTITIES. CHECK QUANTITY PRIOR PURCHASING (it is posted on our website for each colour unless there are more than 10-20 units in our inventory).
A FIXED FEE of $2.50 IS DEDUCTED FROM REFUNDS issued for purchases of not-in-stock items/quantity, and is charged for cancellations of ready-to-ship orders. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please read notes below ↓ Thank you for your time and interest in our products!

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All balls/skeins per colour are in the same dyelot unless a combined (+) quantities are shown. There are no damaged or used skeins in our inventory for clearance. All final sale items are excellent quality and sold in limited quantities. A credit note is issued if an overcharge for shipping exceeds $1.25. No returns for closeout items are accepted, including returns for exchange.

The cheapest rate to ship 50g within Canada - $7.89 (plus tax), United States - $8.13CAD, United Kingdom - $9.54CAD, Australia - $10.23CAD. For shipments under $12.00 - no receipts included.

Policy Update: Due to changes in Canada Post shipping standards, our Shipping Policy has been updated: No coverage provided for untraceable packages except for Letter-post items under 500g. No adjustments for orders under $39.00 are issued except for orders of printed materials under 120g. Packages with tracking numbers are shipped everywhere with no restrictions (up to 30kg) via Canada Post, FedEx, or a trustworthy domestic courier.

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* No Special Orders. Limited Quantities are In Stock.

Estelle [index]
Arequipa , $16.00 /100g
Baby Silk Lace , $9.90 /50g natural
Cadenza Paint , $17.00 /100g natural
Cameo , $12.89 /100g
Frill Seeker , $11.50 /200g
Frill Seeker Light, $7.19 /100g
Kidluxe , $18.00 /100g
Malizia, $11.90 /50g
Piccadilly, $18.50 /65g

Lana Grossa [index]
Baco, $17.29 /50 g
Belfilo, $9.00 /50 g
Cambio, $11.00 /50 g
Chiara, $16.50 /50 g
Ciao, $10.00 /50 g
Erba, $10.50 /50 g
Mare, $13.00 /50 gnatural
Point Print, $6.50 /50 g natural

The Alpaca Yarn Co. [index]
Swizzle, $18.29 /100g natural

Diamond Luxury [index]
Blossom, $12.00 /100g
Folie, $18.50 /65g
Merino Alpaca, $12.50 /50gnatural
Mulberry Merino, $9.19 /50gnatural
Starry Nights, $11.29 /100g

Orkney Angora [index]
100% Angora 4 ply, $36.50 /50g natural
Lambgora, $17.50 /50g natural

Madil [index]
Eden, $6.50 - solids and $7.50 - prints /50g natural

Cascade [index]
Cloud 9, $7.49 /50g natural
Eco Wool, $16.00 /250 g natural
Jewel, $10.00 /100g natural
Leisure Bulky, $12.80 /100 g natural
Luna, $4.50 /50 g natural

Maxima, knit faux fur $34.00 /200 g

King Cole
Magnum Chunky, $8.49 /100 g
Smooth, $7.49 /100 g

Luxurious Woolly Merino, $8.50 /50 g natural

Ella Rae [index]
Pansies, $9.29 /50 g natural
Schoeller+Stahl [index]
Schafwolle, $8.00 /50 g natural

Aslan Trends [index]
Magic Garden, $8.49 /100 g

Debbie Bliss [index]
Party Angel, $9.29 /50 g

Yaprak, $7.00 /50 g

Dale of Norway
Falk, $5.90 /50 g natural

Laines du Nord
Follia, $11.00 /50 g

Makalu [index]
Cotton Merino, $8.50 /50 g natural
Maddie, $19.90 /100 g natural

Lang [index]
Angel, $10.49 /50 g
Aura, Aura Sequined, $10.00 /50 g
Cashmere Tweed, $14.00 /25 g natural
Estio, $9.00 /50 g
Flores, $10.50 /50 g
Korfu, $7.90 /50 g natural
Lanalux, $8.19 /25 g
Silk, $11.19 /25 g natural
Silk Dream, $10.00 /50 g natural
Tosca Jaspé, $6.50 /50 g
Zeta, $6.50 /50 g natural

Noro [index]
Chirimen, $9.00 /50 g natural
Shirakaba, $9.00 /50 g natural
Yuzen, $9.00 /50 g natural

Katia [index]
Ondas Lux, $12.95 /100 g
Triana, $12.00 /100 g

S. R. Kertzer
Irise, $8.00 /50 g natural

Mirasol [index]
Akapana, $7.50 /50gnatural

Jo Sharp [index]
Silk Road Aran, $10.00 /50 g natural
Silk Road Ultra, $10.00 /50 g natural

Maharashtra Silk, $21.00 /100 g natural


Inventory Findings:

Cascade Malizia   Cascade Malizia [60% Viscose, 40% Polyester], put-up: 54 yards /50g, tension 10x10cm: 16 sts /20 rows, needle size - 5-6mm (US 8-10). In Stock: col. 43 Midnight, 9 balls
Sale Price: $12.00 /ball

Estelle Mirage [100% Polyester], a ribbon yarn with gentle glitter, put-up: 70m /50g, tension 10x10cm: 14 sts /16 rows, needle size - 8-10mm (US 11-13) or fancy. In Stock: col. 524 Garden Roses (3 balls), 526 Peacock Feather (9 balls). Sale Price: $8.00 /ball

Cascade Bobble [100% Nylon], a textured yarn for combined knitting, put-up: 67 yards /25g, tension 10x10cm: n/a, needle size - fancy. In Stock: col. 214 Plum Tree (9 balls). Sale Price: $5.00 /ball



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