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MAR 7/18


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* Shipping within Canada only.
Ecocert certified organic Essential Oils licensed and approved by Health Canada as superior quality, safe, and efficacious when used as recommended. All Divine Essence's organic cosmetics products are made and tested in their own state-of-the-art laboratory that allows to offer products of highest therapeutic values and superior efficacy. Today, the Divine Essence holds one of the highest number of NPNs* (Natural Product Number) in the aromatherapy industry. Packaging: Blue glass food grade PET bottles, guaranteed BPA (bisphwnol-A)-free.

What is NPN? An essential oil bearing a Natural Product Number is a product whose therapeutic efficacy and safety of use have been evaluated and approved by Health Canada prior to being authorised for sale.

Simplified Reference Guide:
› Top 12 Therapeutic Essential Oils, 1-6 »
› Top 12 Therapeutic Essential Oils, 7-12 »
Rain in May © Irene & Mr. Sheep Co.

IN STOCK: * Shipping within Canada only.
› Balsam Peru Wild
› Organic Bergamot BF
› Organic Cedarwood Atlas
› Organic Cypress
› Organic Corsica Everlasting
› Organic Fir Balsam
› Somali Frankincense Wild
  › Organic Geranium Bourbon
› Organic Grapefruit Pink
› Organic Lavender Fine
› Organic Petitgrain Bitter Orange
› Organic Pine Ocean
› Scotch Pine Wild
› Organic Rose Otto 5%
  › Organic Rosemary Camphor
› Organic Rosemary Cineole
› Organic Spikenard
› Organic Vetiver Bourbon
› Organic Fragrant Wintergreen

Photography © Irene & Mr. Sheep Co.
  Always read and follow all indications on the label for safe and effective use. * A free Reference Guide is supplied.

Name, A-L
Name, M-Z

› Apply topically after first conducting a patch test. The concentration of essential oils should be 1-5$ and up to 10$ at most. Some oils can be applied directly on the skin (e.g. lavender, tea tree), but only in a small amount and on a very limited area of the body.
Always dilute essential oils in a vegetable oil or a hydrating lotion base before applying on the skin.

› In the bath: Dilute 5 to 20 drops of essential oils in an emulsion (emulsifier) solution or in a neutral bubble bath or milk bath. Never put pure essential oils in your bath, as they are not water soluble due to their density, they will rise to the surface.

› During a massage: Simple or combined essential oils must be diluted in a vegetable / beauty oil (e.g. jojoba, sweet almond, etc.) before the massage. A concentration of 1-5$ of essential oil is recommended.

› Diffuse with a diffuser to clean or freshen the air. Do not use at bedtime. Choose essential oils with pleasant aromas and avoid irritating oils such as cinnamon, clove, oregano, peppermint, anis, fennel, tarragon, etc.

* Shipping within Canada only.
IN STOCK: Divine Essence® Ecocert Greenlife Certified Organic Floral Waters: Organic Damask Rose, Organic Everlasting (Corsica Immortelle), Wild Cornflower. Ecocert Greenlife Certified Organic Body Butters: Organic Chamomile - Shea + Cocoa, Organic Geranium - Shea + Cocoa
Price (CAD), Organic Floral Water: $10.99 / 110ml bottle
Price (CAD), Organic Body Butter: $6.99 / 25g jar

* Sorry, Organic Damask Rose Floral Water is currently out of stock. Re-stock: end of March.

Organic Floral Water, 110ml:
Organic Body Butter, 25g:
New items
NEROLI Floral Water - arrival end of March.


* Shipping within Canada only.
IN STOCK: Divine Essence® Ecocert Greenlife Certified Organic Prickly Pear (Barbary Fig), Organic Cocoa Butter (Wafers)

Photography © Irene & Mr. Sheep Co.

* Shipping within Canada only.

Photography © Irene & Mr. Sheep Co.

Ingredients, Vanilla Soap: Palm Oil & Coconut Oil, Water, Alkali (NaOH), Vanilla Fragrant Oil, Rolled Oats, Crushed Vanilla Beans
Ingredients, Cinnamon Soap: Palm Oil & Coconut Oil, Water, Alkali (NaOH), Cinnamon Fragrant Oil, Paprika Powder, Milled Rice Husk, Cinnamon Powder
Ingredients, Sandalwood Soap: Palm Oil & Coconut Oil, Water, Alkali (NaOH), Sandalwood Fragrant Oil, Saffron & Clove Powder, Saffron Powder
Ingredients, Lemongrass Soap: Palm Oil & Coconut Oil, Water, Alkali (NaOH), Lemongrass Fragrant Oil, Yellow Clay French, Sandalwood Powder
  Made in Indonesia, one of the world's most clean and chemical-free regions. The basic ingredients in Bali Soaps are natural palm kernel and coconut oils. Palm oil is used in household from the ancient times, and it is a common ingredient in shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions, creams, and other beauty products. The main benefit of the palm kernel oil is the content of toctrienols - a form of vitamin E, tocopherol. Palm oil in soaps does a miracle - it helps to remove oil and dirt from the skin, deeply moisturizing it at the same time. Vitamin E helps to fight fine lines, vitamin K strengthens the skin. Cholesterol-free. * The palm oil is extracted from fresh palm (Elaeis Guineensis) fruits. The kernels (nuts) in the center of the fruits are crushed to extract the palm kernel oil.

* Shipping within Canada only.

IN STOCK: Vanilla (3 bars), Cinnamon (5 bars), Sandalwood (3 bars), Lemongrass (5 bars)
Price (CAD), Vanilla and Lemongrass: $9.00 / each
Price (CAD), Cinnamon and Sandalwood: $9.08 / each
Price (CAD), Set of 4: $34.04 / each

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