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Toronto, Canada

Last modified on
November 1, 2015
Irene  Mr.Sheep Knitting Shop and Studio


Irene & Mr.Sheep® Knitting Shop and Studio is located in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in premium natural, organic and high-end designer yarns for hand knit fashion, knitting-related products, and knitwear design. There are more than 117 titles of knitting-related magazines in 8 languages and yarn manufacturers' books in our inventory. Yarns from 45 manufacturers are presented in our Product Index and Price List. Most of the yarns we sell are spun from woolens such as angora, cashmere, alpaca, yak down hair, baby camelhair, mink fiber, llama and premium sheep wool.

The assortment of yarns, knitting supplies, and publications is updated periodically with new brands and qualities. Most of the items in our shop are suitable for advanced knitters, crocheters, and sewing professionals. Prices on yarn are ranged from $3.00 to $99.98 per 50 gr (Price Index, PriceList.pdf). We also supply and make our brand-name Specialty Items, Knitwear, and Gifts.

Please find us listed at Diamond Yarn, Estelle Yarns, Malabrigo Yarn, Orkney Angora, Eucalan, and other knitting-related businesses.

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We ship worldwide the same day or within 24 hours via Canada Post and FedEx. Orders are prepared and sent out every day except weekends (Nov 1 - Dec 31: Mon-Sat). Express items are shipped 24-7. Credit notes are issued. Packaging materials we use are 100% recyclable. Shipping Partners, Shipping Guide »

International orders are shipped via Canada Post traceable air services (up to 18 business days), or a domestic courier. International Parcel Surface (8-12 weeks, online tracking, insured) can be done on request. Please track your parcel on the Canada Post's website, or check your domestic/destination postal tracking site for more information if available: Universal Postal Union »

We ship within North America, and internationally to United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Israel, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Budapest, Warsaw, Mexico City, Brasília, São Paulo, Lima, Santiago, New Deli, Chennai.

  Our brand-name clothing and accessories can be purchased in our Knitwear Boutique. Garments in our boutique are mainly knitted and crocheted from natural designer yarns, including undyed varieties of alpaca, cashmere, Merino wool, Pima and organic cotton, designer's natural and cellulosic silk, superkid mohair, German angora, baby camel, and other yarns spun from natural or organic fibers.

Our knitting philosophy: Hand knitting is not only a unique craft and a natural way to calm yourself, but it is also a possibility to choose and wear premium quality, stylish and fashionable, one-of-a-kind designer garments representing your personality and lifestyle, and also give freedom and material embodiment to your own creativity. Knitting is an art, and a stylish hobby! We are glad to have a chance to serve you and provide quality products for almost all of your hand knitting purposes at our shop.

Please explore our collection of Ultra-Deluxe Teas » Like a rare cognac, scotch or vintage wines, these teas can be made only once, and their level of quality would normally be reserved for gifts to heads of state. We also carry naturally and freeze-dried fruit pieces and berries, drinking herbs, and other tea blending components. Our menu will also be complemented with premium organic coffee beans soon.

Wise Tea Garden Loose Tea Packs
  We carry more than 120 varieties of teas and tea spices sourced all over the world. Some teas we supply are plucked on estates which have been operating from early 1600s. Each Tea is sold with its Certificate of Origin and detailed profile. Tea Certificates: Organic Handling, Food Safety, Product Protection, Social Ethnos. Lab Tests are conducted in Guelph University (Ontario).

Please visit our Tea House here: WiseTeaGarden®.com »
or please order through our Specialty Items department »

Fair Trade certified growersSocial Ethos: Ethical Tea PartnershipOrganic Handling: USDA NOP CertifiedOrganic Handling: CFIA COR Certified (Canadian Organic Regime)EU Organic: Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G) CertifiedFood Safety: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points ProgramAVENDRA, Quality Assurance Supplier AuditFood Security: C-TRAT Customs TradeCanadian Food Inspection AgencyToronto Public Health

Loose teas in flavour-retaining packaging.
Purchase options: multiples of 50g, nitrogen-flashed vacuum-sealed packs of 200g /250g /500g, 100g gift packs, tea bags, pieces (artisan teas).

Our Tea House specializes in premium quality natural, certified organic, and rare loose whole leaf teas and tea spices (USFDA, Canadian Organic, EU Organic, Avendra, HACCP, Fair Trade certified). Raw teas are sourced all over the world, and then selected, blended, sorted, lab-tested, certified and packed in Canada.

To maintain maximum freshness and provide best quality and prices, our Teas and Tea Spices are also can be purchased pre-packaged in the original manufacturers' nitrogen flashed and vacuum sealed packs (shelf life: 22 years, matcha: 6 years, loose tea in 100g packs - 8 years).
Naturally Flavoured Teas: Only flavoring oils, not crystals, and natural flavors were used. Natural flavors do not leave an aftertaste giving the tea a clean and true character. High quality tea tastes good and natural flavors do not mask the natural taste of, for example, the high grown Ceylon tea.

Tea products are shipped within North America, to United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France, Australia, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Japan. Please order in Specialty Items. Enjoy your Tea Time!

Some of the drinking herbs, and other tea blending components we carry, can be used for natural dyeing. Please find Dye Herbs here »

Safflower Petals Lavender Khartoum Hibiscus Calendula Petals
DYE HERBS © Irene & Mr.Sheep® Co. and Wise Tea Garden ®

As tokens of our appreciation, discounts and credit notes are issued, Thank You for Purchase Gifts are supplied with purchases over $70. Orders of $300 and more are free of shipping charges (unless overseas orders over 2 kg and/or FedEx is requested). To save on purchases at our shop, please participate in our Survey and Volume Discount Program, redeem your Gift Certificate. Have a great time browsing our shelves!

  Here is our Exotic kitten Kotia. He is a passionate knitter and an advanced designer of free-style knitwear and accessories. He prefers to work with yarns spun from natural fibers such as pure wool and wool-silk blends.
His unique designer mark is to embellish the newly-finished garments with natural fleece pompoms, felted mouses and birds. Kotia is always full of creative ideas, and we so happy to have him as our Senior Consultant.

Photography © Irene & Mr.Sheep Co.
Summertime Cattery »

Yarns, Irene & Mr.Sheep Co.   Knitting Needles, Crochet Hooks, Notions. Irene & Mr.Sheep Co.   Knitting Magazine and Books, Irene & Mr.Sheep Co.   Woolwash No Rinse, Irene & Mr.Sheep Co.   SPECIALTY ITEMS: Pompoms, Baghadles,Leather Handbags, Fashion Accessories,  Whole Leaf TEAS, Wall Art. Irene & Mr.Sheep Co.

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