100% HANDSPUN MINK, Irene and Mr.Sheep

PURE HANDSPUN MINK, Knit Sample. Photography © Irene & Mr. Sheep.

  Mink hairs are rather short, but very thick and soft. For cutting the fleece, farmers handle the mink with care and usually wear leather mitts (Minks are aggressive animals and can bite). The mink fibre is cut and/or combed from live animals, like angora fibre from rabbits or cashmere from goats. No animals are hurt during the production of the yarn. For the animal, it probably feels like brushing (similar to regular brushing for cats) or a gentle massage. American Mink »

Yarns made of mink hair are beautiful, extremely soft, and very delicate - mink fibre must be spun with another, stronger fibre such as wool or silk, or, if it is 100% Mink - we would suggest to combine the mink with another yarn to obtain enough strength in the finished project. The natural wild colour of mink's fur is a glossy dark brown. Commercial farming selectively bred much paler colours, and mink furs come in many other natural colours, such as Black, Mahogany, Pastel, Demi Buff, Aleutian (Iris), Sapphire and White.
Wild mink spend up to 80% of their time in their dens, sleeping, grooming and eating food they have carried home. They change their fleece about 3 times per year. Reference: The Canadian Encyclopedia.com

Note for the US Animal Rights Activists: We sell Spun Mink yarn, no animals are hurt during the manufacturing. For more information on mink fur production, please contact www.bornfreeusa.org or read Born Free USA's Report on Fur Farming in North America: "United States is the 5th largest mink producing country in the world. In terms of animal lives this amounts to approximately 3 million farm-raised mink killed annually for their pelts. Additionally, approximately 660,000 breeding female mink are held on U.S. fur farms." There are millions of animals held at big pharma' facilities for experiments, and there is no sign that anybody cares. › PETA.org - Animal Issues »


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