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Price: $5.99 /each

Published by Rico Design GmbH & Co., 4 pages / 1-2 designs.
Price (CAD): $5.99 /each

RICO LEAFLET No. 346 Leaflet № 346, Cardigan and Hat. Yarn: Alpaca Blend Chunky   RICO LEAFLET No. 356 Leaflet № 356, Cable-Pattern Sweater. Yarn: Merino DK   RICO LEAFLET No. 365 Leaflet № 365, Jacket and Hat. Yarn: Fashion Artisan
RICO LEAFLET No. 367 Leaflet № 367, Sweater and Scarf. Yarn: Super Chunky   RICO LEAFLET No. 373 Leaflet № 373, Coat/Long Cardigan. Yarn: Super Merino Aran, Essentials Mohair   RICO LEAFLET No. 374 Leaflet № 374, Pullover and Snood-Muff. Yarn: Alpaca Blend Chunky

Price (CAD): $5.99 /each

TOOWOOMBA Leaflet, Ella Rae Ella Rae Leaflet Katoomba Cowl   TOOWOOMBA Leaflet, Ella Rae Ella Rae Leaflet Lithgow Scarf

Ella Rae Pansies Book 36 pages / 6 designs.
Samples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Comfy beauty-is-in-simplicity designs for every day using Pansies: Boat-Neck Sweater, Mesh Top, Bolero, Lacey Cardigan, Batwing Sweater, and Simple Cardigan.
Price: $14.99

Price (CAD): $9.99 /each

Anna Makarovna' Secret Stockings, Schoolehouse Press Patterns  
Anna Makarovna's Secret Stockings, Leaflet № 6.
The Double knitting technique is 'revealed' by Beverly Royce from Tolstoy's War and Peace. This pattern is recommended for experienced Double-Knitters. Instructions are taken from Beverly Royce' s 1994 book Notes on Double Knitting, expended edition.

* Click on an image to enlarge.

Bridget Rorem's Near Solstice, Schoolehouse Press Patterns
Bridget Rorem's Near Solstice - Birds Are Dancing On The Snow, Leaflet № 7.
Fringed Sun Mittens, Schoolehouse Press Patterns
Fringed Sun Mittens, Leaflet № 12. Traditional Latvian Mittens from the Vidzeme District by Lizbeth Upitis.
Elizabeth Zimmermann's Green Sweater, Schoolehouse Press Patterns
Elizabeth Zimmermann's Green Sweater, Leaflet № 13, directed and written by Sunday Holm.

Meg Swansen's Swedish Delsbo Cardigan, Schoolehouse Press Patterns
Meg Swansen's Swedish Delsbo Cardigan, Leaflet № 14.
  Two Guernseys, Schoolehouse Press Patterns
Two Guernseys, Leaflet № 15. A motif is revealed and adapted by Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen from Mary Writh's book Cornish Guernseys and Knit Frocks.
Elizabeth Zimmermann's Tomten Jacket, Schoolehouse Press Patterns
Elizabeth Zimmermann#&39;s Tomten Jacket, Leaflet № 19.

Turkish Maple and Turkish Ocean, Schoolehouse Press Patterns
Turkish Maple and Turkish Ocean, Leaflet № 21. The motifs in these sweaters are Turkish and each color array was inspired by a watercolor: One of a Sugar Maple tree, the other of Pacific waves.
Sacred Trees, Schoolehouse Press Patterns
Sacred Trees, Leaflet № 23. From the series Remembered Voices by Ron Schweitzer.
If I Could Fly - A Faroese-Style Shawl, Schoolehouse Press Patterns
If I Could Fly, A Faroese-Style Shawl by Bridget Rorem, Leaflet № 25.

Two patterns per leaflet: STOLE and SHRUG, 8 pages. Price: $5.99 /each

Price (CAD): $5.99 /each

Lang Sockology No. 241 (FR)   Lang SOCKOLOGY № 241, French Edition, Published by Lang & Co., 6 pages / 15 designs [cover, back]. Women's stockings and socks (including TV socks, sizes 36-39), men' socks (sizes 41-42), kids' socks (sizes 27-28).
Price: $5.99
* Sorry, no English edition is available.
Help: translate.google.com.
Lang Sockology No. 131 (EN)   Lang SOCKOLOGY № 131, English Edition, Published by Lang & Co., 6 pages / 6 designs, details ». Socks and leg warmers using Lang Jawoll, step-by-step instructions. The color repeats of all socks are for shoes sizes 37-41 and can be either lengthened or shortened for other sizes. All socks are knitted using the information on the charts and instructions.


ESTELE SILK LEAFLETS , 2-4 pages / 1 design.
Price (CAD): $5.99 /each

* Click on image to enlarge

Silk Tweed Sweater, Leaflets No. ES12 ES12, SilkTweed Sweater. Estelle Silk (Bourette): 10(11,12) balls for S(M,L).


Simple Rib Top, Leaflets No. ES16 ES16, Simple Rib Top. Estelle Silk (Bourette): 7(8,9) balls for S(M,L).


Cabled Shell, Leaflets No. ES20 ES20, Cabled Shell. Estelle Silk (Bourette): 6(7,8) balls for S(M,L).

Published by King Cole Ltd., UK, 4 pages / 2 designs, № 2969 - 4 designs, № 2747 - 3 designs.
Price (CAD): $5.99 /each

* Click on an image to enlarge

King Cole Leaflets, Aran No. 2873 № 2873


King Cole Leaflets, Aran No. 2874 № 2874


King Cole Leaflets, Aran No. 2875 № 2875


King Cole Leaflets, Aran No. 2876 № 2876
King Cole Leaflets, Aran No. 2943 № 2943


King Cole Leaflets, Aran No. 2944 № 2944


King Cole Leaflets, Aran No. 2945 № 2945


King Cole Leaflets, Aran No. 2946 № 2946


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