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OCT 9/18
  FINE YARNS: LACE AND FINGERING Mink, Cashmere, Angora, Alpaca,
Silk, Superkid Mohair, Baby Llama, Merino, Andean Wool, and Natual Blends

Crochet So Fine, K. Omdahl
Crochet So Fine, K. Omdahl
Crochet So Fine, K. Omdahl
Crochet So Fine, K. Omdahl
Crochet So Fine, K. Omdahl
© Kristine Omdahl, Book CROCHET SO FINE » Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarns.

AYCo. Glimmer »
AYCo. Halo »
AYCo. Suri Elegance »
BRE Titus »
Cascade Alpaca Lace »
Cascade Sorata » new item
Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace »
Diamond Pure Superkid »
Estelle Alpaca Lace »
Estelle Arequipa »
Estelle Cadenza »
Fil Katia Jaipur »
  Fil Katia Silk Alpaca »
KFI Maharashtra Silk »
Lana Grossa Solo Cashmere »
Lang Alpaca Superlight »
Lang Cashmere Premium »
Lang Mohair Luxe »
Lang Mohair Luxe Lamé »
Lotus Cashmere Fingering »
Lotus Mimi Plus »
Lotus Miya »
Lotus Silk Fingering »new item
Makalu Minka »
  Malabrigo Mora »
Manos Marina Lace »
Malabrigo Silkpaca »
Mirasol Nuna Fina »
Mirasol Sulka Legato »
ONION® Nettle Sock Yarn » new item
ONION® Organic Wool+Nettles » new item
Orkney Angora Aurora Handpaints »
Orkney Angora Incredible 4 ply »
Orkney Angora Skara Brae »
Mirasol Sulka Legato »
TOFT Fine Alpaca »

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