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The World we live in is not perfect by default. There are no two same things in it since our natural reality is lacking symmetry and standard rules: even some axioms can't be applied to an event happened in a different from simplest 3 dimensional space. Only a digital reality is based on perfectionism, which complements our natural habitat. But perfectionism is a cause of jealousy, sleepless nights, abnormal competition, even wars. Asymmetry carries more information to our minds. Being beautiful as well, symmetry and perfection are naturally boring, sometimes very boring and dry. Because we know in advance: left is same as right. AI, as a part of a digital society, is just a perfect and very attaching toy, but it only exists while has its rules: humans' intuition, wild instincts, our cute feelings and raw, creative behaviour cannot be reproduced at all, because naturally we are weird and not perfect.
- Sincerely, Irene & Mr. Sheep Co.


Here, we will post non-standard and unsual hand-made things, which hopefully confirm the ideas mentioned above. We decided to start with pillowcases made of pure virgin wool and wool+silk noil blends. Formaldehyde free. As a matter of fact, pleasant aromas of many varieties of natural wool and silks are very calming same way as a lavender essential oil.

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Coming soon:
- Wool and Wool + Silk Bourette Easy-care Pillowcases;
- Handknit Cottolin Hand Towels;
- Formaldehyde-free Angora and Mohair Rose Stems;
- Beaded Silk Flower Stems;
- Wool and Cotton Wall Arts;
- Rug Fibonacci;
- Flowering Rugs (idea adopted);
- Natural Multi-material Shelf Decor.



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