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Manufactured in Italy
for ONION® Garn


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From L4E 0H9

This partially organic and 100% natural yarn is soft and velvety to the touch and has a slightly sheen, silky texture - it is a good substitute for Silky Wool. Organic Wool + Nettles is dyed according to European standards, and suitable for any kinds of garments and accessories for the entire family - men, women, kids of any age and pets. Nettle fiber used in this yarn is wild and pesticide-free.

"Far away in the land to which the swallows fly when it is winter, dwelt a king who had eleven sons, and one daughter, named Eliza." The king married a very wicked queen who turned eleven brothers into wild swans, and Eliza saved them by making eleven Nettle Shirts: "The little mice ran about the floor, they dragged the nettles to her feet, to help as well as they could. " - The Wild Swans by Hans Christian Andersen ». Nettle makes wonders.

* Similar yarn: Nettle Sock Yarn

FIBRE: 70% Organic Wool, 30% Nettle Fiber
YARN WEIGHT: Double Knit
TENSION: 10x10 cm (4"): 21 sts / 28 rows
NEEDLES: 4 mm (US № 6)
LENGTH: approx. 130 m / 142 yds
Price: $10.99
IN STOCK: 806 Cedar (10 balls), 813 Peony (10 balls), 817 Fawn (10 balls), 819 Amethyst (10 balls), 823 Citrus (10 balls), 834 Cognac (10 balls )
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Garment Care: Machine or hand wash in lukewarm water, dry flat away from direct sun.


806, Cedar
* 10 balls
  813, Peony
* 10 balls
817, Fawn
* 10 balls
  819, Amethyst
* 10 balls
823, Citrus
* 10 balls
  834, Cognac
* 10 balls


BOY'S BUTTONED JACKET © ONION® Garn, Leaflet № 1462, yarn: Organic Wool + Nettles


GIRL'S BUTTONED JACKET © ONION® Garn, Leaflet № 1459, yarn: Organic Wool + Nettles


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