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KNITTING and CROCHET TRADITIONS, Edition Language: English. Price (CAD): $15.99 /each

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Knitting Traditions, Knitting travels from around the globe


KNITTING TRADITIONS, Winter 2012 . 37 Timeless projects: Creative Asian Nomadic Travel Bags, Knitted Russian Lace, Knitting Stocking in the Civil War, Swiss Counterpane from the Swiss National Museum, The Migration and Evolution of the Gansey (a Gansey Bag), Discover Intriguing Vintage Patterns, Knit a Monmouth Cap for the Battle of Agincourt, A 17th-Centure Undershirt, An Islamic Hearts and Flowers bag, plus exquisite shawls and scarves, and Instructions from The Modern Priscilla Magazine, September 1919, for crafting one's own knitting needles! English Edition, 146 pages / 37 projects.
* weight: 310 g


Knitting Traditions, Knitting travels from around the globe


KNITTING TRADITIONS, Fall 2011 (№ 3). Honoring the rich history of Needlework around the globe: A tale of Scottish Kilt Hose, Unraveling the Knitting Pattern (Boa and Muff), Icelandic Three-Cornered Lace Shawls, Norwegian Knitting History and the Eskimo Sweater, Geneva Lace Gloves, Korsnäs Sweaters (Finland), Traditional Mittens and Gloves from Estonia, A Russian Lace Scarf, Knitting from Ukraine to Oregon, Gobi Desert Socks, Randolph Pillow, Andean Knitting, Buff Mittens, The Baby Bunting Snowsuit, French Bath Mitts, Anu Raud's Animals. English Edition, 148 pages / 130 projects.
* weight: 310 g


Crochet Traditions, a special issue of PieceWork Magazine


CROCHET TRADITIONS 2011. Although a precise date for crochet's origin cannot be assigned, we do know that people of various cultures and in diverse geographic areas have been crocheting for centuries. This issue offers a multitude of stories and crochet techniques, including Slip-stitch crochet, Bosnian crochet, Lace, Hairpin, Tunisian, bead, Filet, Tapestry, and Irish. In projects section: Fingerless mitts made from Tussah silk, Point D'Eglantier collar, Miser's purses, crocheted buttons, caps by Preacher Lewis, The Crocheted Lace of Koniakóv (Poland), Hairpin-Lace Rosettes. These are just a number of examples. Whether you just started crocheting or are an old hand, the stories and projects in Crochet Traditions provide some context for your journey! English Edition, 148 pages / 43 classic projects.
* weight: 300 g


Knitting Traditions, Knitting travels from around the globe


KNITTING TRADITIONS, Spring 2011 (№ 2). From Africa and Egypt to Europe and beyond, Knitting Traditions takes you around the globe and across the centuries seeking out the best designs, the interesting techniques, and the most creative stories from master knitters of the past. Discover the oldest knitted stockings, pioneers' lace knits, Rosesaum mittens of Norway and mittens from Estonia, medieval motifs, Armenian knitting traditions, bead-knitted bags of the Civil War Era, a Moroccan-inspired felt, lace-knitting from Russia, Estonia, and Sweden. English Edition, 148 pages / 130 projects.
* weight: 300 g



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