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Toronto, Canada
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March 11, 2015


Cascade FIXATION, stretch cotton
Cascade FIXATION, made in Brazil


Fixation is a core-spun, stretch, and machine washable cotton yarn suitable for close-fitted sweaters and foundation garments, including swim suits. Everything, from tops and summer pullovers to lingerie and lingerie-style articles can be knitted or crocheted with this yarn: bra and bikini, gartini, girdles, panties, camisoles, corsets, maillots, etc., as well as shorts, leggings, stockings, and socks. Kids' clothing is suitable as well. Fixation is available in a gorgeous range of solid, spay-dyed, and effect colours.

* Tip: For best results, knit while the yarn is relaxed, do not stretch it on needles. Before making a garment, please do not hesitate to knit a swatch to calculate the exact tension for the needles or crochet hook you use.

Known facts: Lycra is a brand name of the Spandex fiber produced by DuPont™(USA). It has excellent stretch and recovery properties (it can be stretched over 500% without breaking), can be stretched repeatedly and still recover its original length. It is more durable than rubber, soft, smooth and supple. Even more, Spandex is resistant to body oils, perspiration, lotions or detergents, has no static or pilling problems. - source: Pocket Textile Expert, I.A. Shaikh, Georgia, USA.

* Similar yarn: Point Print, Silk

√ Clearance
FIBRE: 98.3% Cotton, 1.7% Lycra
YARN WEIGHT: Double Knit
TENSION: 10x10cm (4"): 29 sts / 12 rows
NEEDLES: 4 - 4.25 mm (US No.6)
HOOK: 1.75 mm, tension: 25 sts / 40 rows
LENGTH: approx. 90 m /100 yards (relaxed),
168 m /186 yards (spandex)
Shade Card /solids | Shade Card /prints
Knitted Sample
PATTERNS:Knitting Lingerie Style - many designs are knitted using solid and spray-dyed Fixation • Stitch Style: Socks * suitable
Free Pattern: Baby Rib Pullover is available on request (a pad pattern), materials: 4(4,5,5) balls Fixation for chest 18(20,22,24)", 4.5 mm needles
Patterns for cotton: Cotone Magazine, Crochet Magazine
Sale Price: $4.90 /solids, $5.90 /spray-dyed, tone-on-tone
IN STOCK: solids: 1198 Banana (1 ball), 1300 Brilliant Yellow, 2137 Sky Blue (11 balls), 3077 Baby Pink, 3628 Tomato, 4545 Peach Puff, 5806 Lime (8 balls), 6185 Cerise, 7382 Chocolate (2 balls); spray-dyed /prints: 9054 Water Peppers, 9385 Camuflage (2 balls), 9442 Ocean Breeze, 9454 Cotton Candy, 9490 Morning Frost (4 balls), 9843 Lavender Fields, 9891 Deep Ocean (6 balls), 9936 Lagoon, 9946 Pastila (4 balls); tone-on-tone: 9030 Winter Sky, 9045 Dew, 9205 Jungle, 9398 Lipstick, 9780 Grape Haze
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Garment Care: machine (on gentle circle) or hand wash with lavender wash or mild soap in lukewarm water, dry flat. Do not squeeze, do not iron.

Colour /solids:
Colour /prints:
* Note, Orders of 1-4 balls: We might ask for an additional payment for shipping, depending on the destination country. The cheapest rate to ship 50g within Canada - $6.89 (plus tax), United States - $8.03CAD (no coverage included), International: $10.36 (no coverage included). For international traceable parcels, an additional postage must be provided if applicable.


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Strest Cotton Knitwear
One-Piece Wonder (The Cami-Knicker), © Joan McGowan-Michael, Book Knitting Lingerie Style Knitwear ». Yarn: Cascade Fixation and Adrienne Vittadini Celia [100% Silk].


* Suitable: Crochet Squares Top © Susanna, Italian knitted fashion magazine.

Baby Rib Pullover, Cascade Fixation
Free Pattern: Baby Rib Pullover, Enlarge. Pattern is available on request with the yarn: 4(4,5,5) balls Fixation for chest 18(20,22,24)", 4.5 mm needles.

* Each ball is wrapped in a plastic cover.
Fixation 1198
1198, Banana
* 1 ball
Fixation 1300
1300, Brilliant Yellow
* lots
Fixation 2137
2137, Sky Blue
* 11 balls
Fixation 3077
3077, Baby Pink
* lots
Fixation 3628
3628, Tomato
* lots
Fixation 4545
4545, Peach Puff
* lots
Fixation 5806
5806, Lime
* 10 balls
Fixation 6185
6185, Cerise
* 10 balls
Fixation 7382
7382, Chocolate
* 2 balls
Fixation 9030
9030, Winter Sky
* 10 balls
Fixation 9045
9045, Dew
* 10 balls
Fixation 9054
9054, Water Peppers
* 10 balls
Fixation 9205
9205, Jungle
shade card
* 15 balls
Fixation 9385
9385, Camuflage
shade card
* 2 balls
Fixation 9398
9398, Lipstick
shade card
* lots
Fixation 9442
9442, Ocean Breeze
shade card
* 12 balls
Fixation 9454
9454, Cotton Candy
shade card
* lots
Fixation 9490
9490, Morning Frost
shade card
* 4 balls
Fixation 9843
9780, Grape Haze (tone-on-tone)
shade card
* lots
Fixation 9843
9843, Lavender Fields
shade card
* lots
Fixation 9891
9891, Deep Ocean
shade card
* 6 balls
Fixation 9936
9936, Lagoon
shade card
* 12 balls
Fixation 9946
9946, Pastila
shade card
* 4 balls


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