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Managing Human Resources - 6th Canadian Edition 2011, Building Better Health, p. 493. M. Belcourt (PhD, CHRP), G. Bohlander, S. Snell: "An increased understanding of the close relationship between physical and emotional health and job performance has made broad health-building programs attractive to employers as well as to employees." "It is recognized that better health not only benefits the individual, but also pays off for the organization in reduced absenteeism, increased efficiency, better morale, and other savings."


October 5-8th: More colours of Lang AYMARA [40% Alpaca Superfine, 30% Merino extrafine, 30% Tencel (Lyocell)] arrived: 048 Rose, 088 Teal, 092 Sage. Lang Book FaM № 269 should be in our inventory by the end of Oct. A few scents of The Soap Works NATURAL BAR SOAP have been restocked: Camomile, Bee Pollen, Evening Primrose, Oatmeal, Ginseng, Emu Oil. Rowan KID CLASSIC is expected to be restocked in Oct-Nov. More supply of Biovert Laundry Detergent should be available Oct 19-22. Decor, Gifts, Accents: Abbott® Ceramic Mugs, Allover Flying Bees Doormats arrived. New scents are available for Soy Wax Candles: Oud Bergamot, Lemongrass and Ginger, Orange and Cassis, Lavender and Chamomile. FELTED CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS arrival through Oct-Nov. Tea House & Organic Foods: Wise Tea Garden® ORGANIC SPICES have been restocked and will posted shortly - Fenugreek Seeds fine cut, Turmeric firen cut, Thyme Leaves, Sage Leaves, Rosemary, Sumac Berries, Lemon Verbena. ORGANIC ROSEHIP (3-10 mm pcs) is back to our inventory. Pyramid Tea Bags have restocked for ORGANIC CREAM EARL GREY and ROMAN PROVENCE ROOIBOS



August 27th - September 22nd: A few colours of Lang AYMARA have been restocked: 035 Navy and 059 Burnt Orange. A brand-new organic yarn Estelle ECO COTTON DK [100% Organic Cotton] is in our inventory: incredibly velvety and soft, 125 m in 50g skein, col 09 Crimson, 10 Dusty Coral, 13 Grape, 14 Lilac. A few heathers of Briggs & Little HERITAGE WOOL [100% Canadian Pure Wool] have been restocked. A new item is ready for purchases in our Boutique - UBE SHAWLETTE. A number of ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS are back on our shelves: Carrot Seed, Clove, Cedar White Leaf, Jasmine 5%, Juniper Berry, Oregano Wild, Spearmint, Spikenard, Tea Tree Oil. Divine Essence RAVINTSARA HAND SPRAY has been restocked. A few colours of Briggs & Little ATLANTIC [100% Wool] arrived Sep 3rd: Rose, Blue Heather, Hunter Orange. Tea House & Organic Foods: A new Kenyan purple leaf Estate Tea - RAGATI is available. Sri Lanka's Uva Estate DYRAABA Orange Pekoe and ORGANIC PEARL RIVER Green Tea have been restocked. ROMAN PROVENCE ROOIBOS in PTB is back on our shelves. ChocoSol SINGFULLY RAW VANILLA 82% Cacao has also been restocked. July 12th - August 12th: Lang LINO [100% Linen] col 75 Burnt Orange has been restocked. BITTERSWEET PULLOVER and PINK LAKE SHAWLETTE are available in our Knitwear Boutique. New items from Mistral® are in our inventory: Floral Rollerballs Eau de Parfum Gardenia and Wisteria, Liquid Hand Soap in 500ml Glass bottles - Almond Milk, Champagne Peony, Tea Yuzu, Grapefruit Currant. June 9-16th: Rowan PURE CASHMERE [100% Cashmere] and Rowan Magazine № 69 are available for purchases. DÉCORATIVE GIFTS from Abbott Collection are in our inventory: Cotton Tea Towels, Indoor and Outdoor Planters, Soy wax Candles, Ceramic Mugs and Bowls, Doormats, Ceramic Vases and Garden Decor. A few varieties of Divine Essence Organic Essential Oils have been restocked June 9th, new Essential Oils are available: Amescla Wild, Palo Santo Fruit Wild, Organic Peppermint Supreme.



May 28th: Ganesha's Garden SOLID PERFUME in Glass containers arrived for Plumeria, OM and Green Tea Scents. EcoMax ROSEMARY SOAP is back to our inventory. May 17-19th: Lang LINO [100% Linen] col 139 Mustard and 146 Vibrant Lavender have been restocked May 17. Lang Books № 267 SPRING 2021 are in our inventory. A few colours of a brand-new DK yarn from Rowan - PURE CASHMERE [100% Cashmere] arrived May 18th: spun in Scotland, 137m in 50g hank, 4 natural colours. ROWAN Magazines № 69 are in our inventory. April 10th - May 6th: More inventory of Briggs & Little COUNTRY ROVING in untreated Natural White and ARAN in Washed White arrived May 6th. New item is available in our Knitwear Boutique: WHITE BULKY MOHAIR SHAWLETTE. Canadian made NATURAL CLOTHING arrived April 15th and will be posted by end of May: Bamboo and Hemp T-shirts, leggins, yogawear, nightwear, and accessories, hemp and lambswool hikers' socks. A few sizes of BRITTANY 14" needles have been restocked. Divine Essence READY-TO-USE REMEDIES, and Maison Orphée CELTIC SALT for bathtub, awesome and aromatic EcoMax ROSEMARY SOAP. The Green Beaver HAND SANITIZER has been restocked. A new scent is available for NatureClean Laundry detergent - LEMON VERBENA. March 17-19th: Lang LINO [100% Linen] col 001 Opulent and 023 Silver have been restocked. Manos del Uruguay ALPACA HEATHER [70% Wool, 30% Alpaca] in 3 Natural colours arrived Mar 17th: 150 m in 50g hank, needle size - 3.5 - 4.5 mm. Erika Knight WILD WOOL [ 85% Wool, 15% Nettle Viscose] is available for purchases. Brand-new Estelle GOTS Certified yarns ECO COTTON will be available in May-June. March 2-12th: Lang CASHMERE LIGHT col 003 Smoke is in our inventory. Cascade BABY LLAMA CHUNKY [100% Undyed Baby Llama] col 01 Off White, 02 Fawn, 07 Pewter have been restocked. New GEMSTONE GIFTS arrived March 12th: ANGELITE Tumbled Stones 20-30 mm, ROSE QUARTZ and ORANGE CALCITE SPHERES 50 mm. A new scent is available for NatureClean® Natural Laundry Detergent - LAVENDER.



January 28th - February 28th: New colours are available for Lang AYMARA [40% Alpaca Superfine, 30% Merino extrafine, 30% Viscose]: 005 Charcoal, 026 Taupe, and Lang CARINA [63% Alpaca Superfine, 37% Nylon]: 003, 005, 009. Cascade Erika Knight WILD WOOL [ 85% Wool, 15% Nettle Viscose] arrived Feb 23rd: col 700, 701, 703, 704, 705, 706, 707. The Green Beaver HAND SANITIZER has been restocked. New items are available in our Beauty Boutique: Mistral® Body Cream (Lavender), Bar Soaps (Grapefruit, Wild Blackberry, White Hyacinth), Rollerball Florals (Apricot Blossom). New colours are available for Fil Katia ULTRALIGHT MERINO: col 63 Pebble, 64 Mint, 65 Bisque, and AZTECA FINE LUX: 409 Bamboo, 410 Celadon, 41 Frost. A new item is in our Knitwear Boutique: GOSSAMER SHAWLETTE in Sky Blue. A new Free ePatterns ANGORA SLEEPING KERCHIEF has been posted. January 12-20th: VERENA № 4-2020 arrived. Divine Essence® Organic Beauty Oils have been restocked: antiseptic Pure Neem Oil and wound-healing Pure Sea Buckthorn Oil. Organic Birch Sweet, Organic Cedarwood Atlas, Organic Lavender Spike essential oils and Organic Turpentine are back to our inventory. Divine Essence® Organic Ravintsara Antiseptic Spray with 70% Organic Ethanol and Organic essential oils has been restocked. Mistral® BEAUTY SOAPS in exquisite floral scents, Eau de Perfume - Champagne Peony, and Lychee Rose Hand Cream arrived Jan 14th. NatureClean® Liquid Laundry Detergent in White Lily & Myrrh scent is also in our inventory. The Soap Work® Natural Soaps have been restocked Jan 20th.



November 19th - December 7th: A brand-new yarn Lang LONDON [ 70% Virgin Wool + 30% Acrylic] is in our inventory: an easy to knit and care for, all-purpose yarn reminiscent of classic Lang Tosca, 100m in 50g ball, needle size - 4.5-5mm. New colours of SNAP ON POMPOMS, superbly fluffy, 13-14 cm in diam are in stock: Lilac, Frost, Midnight, White with Black Speckles. A few new adorable vintages are posted in YARN NOSTALGIA: Estelle Watercolours and Diamond Angorissima. A few varieties of Divine Essence® Organic Essential Oils have been restocked Nov 26th: Tamarack Larch, Tea Tree, Fir Balsam, White Pine, Frankincense Rivae, Wintergreen. New items are in our inventory: Headaches Roll-ons and Cold & Cough Roll-ons. Biovert® Probiotic Cleaners and EcoMax® Air Purifiers have been restocked. Seventh Generation® Granite Cleaner arrived. Chemical-free Hand Sanitizers are available here » New colours for Lang CARINA [63% Alpaca Superfine, 37% Nylon] are expected in Jan 2021: col 003, 005, 009. Fashion Jewellery - BROOCHES will be available in Dec-Jan. October 19 - November 2nd: Our new project YARN NOSTALGIA has been launched. A new ePattern FUTURISTIC DISH CLOTH is available. KNITWEAR BOUTIQUE: IRISH MOSS STITCH HATS in 2 colours are ready for purchases - One size, 40% Angora + 60% Merino Wool. A brand new yarn Lang AYMARA is in stock: an incredibly soft 3-ply blend of 40% Alpaca Superfine + 30% Merino extrafine + 30% Viscose, 135m in 50g ball, needle size - 4.5 - 5 mm. The Green Beaver® NATURAL HAND SANITIZERS - ORANGE MINT arrived. Organic LAVENDER HAND SANITIZERS have been restocked Nov 2nd. African Fair Trade Society® Natural Shea Butter Bar Soap and Phillip Adam® Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo are in our inventory.



September 28th: The Green Beaver® natural Hand Sanitizers - Mint-Orange Scent arrived and will be posted shortly. Cascade MONDO col 8010 Natural White and Cascade BABY LLAMA ECO CHUNKY [100% Baby Llama] have been restocked: col 01 Off White, 02 Fawn Melange, 07 Pewter. A new natural hypoallergenic scent - Morning Dew is available for Biovert® Laundry Detergent. August 27th - September 12th: New colours are available for Manos del Uruguay CABRITO [80% Kid Mohair, 20% Nylon]: 6908 Opera and 9809 Curaeao. Lang Books FAM 265, COLLECTION are in our inventory. A brand new, gently lustrous Lang AYMARA arrived: 40% Alpaca Superfine + 30% Merino extrafine + 30% Viscose, 135m in 50g ball, needle size - 4.5 - 5 mm. Divine Essence® Organic Essential and Beauty Oils restocked September 12th, Organic Ravintsara Hand Sanitizers arrived. August 4-19th: Biovert® LAUNDRY DETERGENT for HE washing machines, 1.4 L bottles arrived: Fresh Cotton scent, 32 loads, biodegradable, phosphate free, hypoallergenic, efficient in warm and cold water. A few varieties of DYE HERBS have been restocked: Safflower Petals, Lavender Blossoms, Calendula Petals, and Green Rooibos. More supply is available for NATURAL LAVENDER HAND SANITIZERS. A new kit is available: HAND-KNIT ORGANIC COTTON HAND TOWEL. July 8-20th: Desert Essence® ORGANIC COCONUT HAND CREAM and Ganesha's Garden SOLID PERFUME Vanilla Bean and Thousand of Flowers have been restocked. Hand Crocheted WHITE SHELL SHAWLETTE is available for purchases in our Knitwear Boutique. Velvety soft and fluffy FAUX FOX POMPOMS, 10 and 13 cm in diameter and 8 beautiful colours, are back to our inventory. NATURAL GEMSTONE BRACELETS all styles have been restocked July 20th. The Soap Works® NATURAL LAUNDRY SOAP, The Green Beaver® LAVENDER CASTILE SOAP, and Moov® VEGAN NAIL LACQUER in Wild Berries have been restocked July 15th.



June 12-27th: Lang CASHMERE COTTON [55% Cashmere, 45% Cotton] is available for purchases. The Soap Works LAUNDRY SOAP POWDER and LIQUID LAVENDER SOAP are back to our inventory. May 19-22nd: BRITTANY Single Points 8-20 mm and Double Points 5" all sizes have been restocked. More supply of The Soap Works NATURAL BAR SOAP and LIQUID LAVENDER SOAP arrived May 22nd. STAIN-REMOVER LAUNDRY BAR SOAP is also available. Knitwear Boutique: Hand Crocheted FLOWER-MOTIF COTTON PULLOVERS in 3 Styles are posted for purchases. April 24 - May 9th: Estelle CLOUD COTTON [100% Organic Cotton] has been restocked: col 105 Maize, 106 Pistachio, 110 Sky, 118 Mint, 120 Kiwi. A few varieties of Divine Essence ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS have been restocked: ORGANIC CLOVE BUD, FRANKINCENSE Somalia Wild, 5% ORGANIC JASMINE ABSOLUTE, ORGANIC LEMON, and others. March 2-17th: Fil Katia ULTRALIGHT MERINO [93% Merino Extrafine, 7% Polyamide] arrived Mar 6th: 110m in 50g, needle size - 6-7mm, 10 colours, a very lightweight, bi-colour effect Extrafine Merino wool with a voluminous sponginess and softness created by a new kind of technological innovation. VERENA № 1 - SPRING 2020 and VERENA Special Issue № 1-2020 arrived. New colours are available for Fil Katia INGENUA [78% Mohair, 9% Wool, 13% Polyamide]: col 73 Camel, 74 Greige, 75 Dusky Rose and 77 Roasted Cocoa. RASPBERRY SHAWLETTE WITH GOFRE BORDER is available in our Knitwear Boutique. BC Garn LINO [100% Linen] is in our inventory: 150m in 50g skein, needle size - 3-3.5mm, 18 colours. Fil Katia AZTRECA FINE LUX is available for purchases: a fantasy yarn with a subtle sparkle effect and soft degrade colours, 270m in 100g, needle size - 3.5-4mm. ARAGONITE CLUSTES of different sizes, CITRINE CLUSTERS on a Wooden Base, SELENITE Mt. AND ROSE QUARTZ LAMPS have been restocked.



February 9-18th: BC Garn SOFT SILK [100% Bourette (Cocoon) Silk] and new styles of OEKO-TEX® COTTON POPLIN arrived Feb 11th. Lang Books BLOOM - PUNTO № 20 are in our inventory. CHUNKY ALPACA HAT IN BOBBLE PATTERN is available in our boutique. January 21-30th: Lang MOHAIR LUXE [77% Superkid Mohair, 23% Silk] col 27 Apricot and Lang Books FAM № 247 CASUAL have been restocked. Our Policy has been updated Jan 27th. January 14-15th: A brand-new fashionable summer yarn with delicate knobs of golden lurex - Lang MARLENE LUXE is in our inventory: 140m in 50g ball, needle size - 4-4.5mm, col 15 Crème Brûlée, 22 Champagne, 24 Light Grey, 87 Cafe Late, 94 Off White, 99 Patina. Urth® MERINO GRADIENT KITS [100% Superwash Merino Wool] are in stock: 4x50g skeins dyed in the same tones, 12 styles, each kit includes a free Shawl Pattern. A great gift! Lang Books BLOOM - PUNTO 9 have been restocked, PUNTO 20 - BLOOM should arrive in FEB. January 3-11th: VERENA № 5, Winter 2019-2020 arrived. Lang ALPACA SUPERLIGHT has been restocked: col 026 Roasted Almond, 028 Blush, 039 Sandalwood, 044 Basil, 060 Carmine, 074 Evergreen, 148 Dusty Heather. More supply is available for Diamond PURE SUPERKID [100% Superkid Mohair] - col 1501, 1503, 1504, 1505, 1509, 1518, and for Brittany Crochet Hooks Small-Medium sizes. 14cm Bamboo Crochet Hooks with Metal Heads are in our inventory: sizes from 3.75mm to 7.5mm. A brand-new big chainette Fil Katia NUBE [100% Merino Fine Wool] in polar weight and BC Garn LOCH LOMOND [100% GOTS Certified Organic Wool] are available for purchases. Manos del Uruguay FINO MINI SKEINS [70% Merino Extrafine, 30% Silk] arrived Jan 10th: 90m in 5x20g hanks kit of 5 colour combinations, needle size - 3 mm. The Soap Works® BAR SOAPS have been restocked Jan 7th: Sea Kelp, Aloe Vera & Vit E, Olive Oil, Bee Pollen, Goat Milk & Oatmeal, Chamomile, Evening Primrose, Pine Tar.



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