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100% Premium Acrylic and Semi Luxury Blends

JACKET, Moda Knitting No. 551 Crocheted Jacket © Moda Knitting № 551. Yarn: 50% Acrylic, 50% Wool, 100 m / 100 g, crochet hook № 6.   Our specialization is Yarns made of Natural Fibers, but we support a small inventory of textured and free from petroleum by-products man-made yarns. They are very helpful when a garment needs some creative embellishments!

Acrylic is a synthetic fiber that is produced from the petrochemical acrylonitrile. Yarns and fabrics made from acrylic fibers are light-weight, high in strength and lustre, colourfast, and easy to launder, although they can fuzz and pill.

Courtelle® is the quality assured brand from the world's leading supplier of dyed acrylic fibre - Acordis Acrylics, UK. There are a few types of Courtelle: Optic White, Low PILL, Schoolwear, Bi-Component, Type 10, Recoil, Standard, Courtelle Supermatt, and Neochrome. - Reference:

Dralon® is a trademark for German acrylic made in plants in Dormagen and Lingen using dry-spun and wet-spun technology. Dralon GmbH is the largest producer of dry- and wet-spun acrylic fibers worldwide.

Dry-spun fibers are a specialty among acrylic fibers. They come closest to natural fibers in handling and appearance, and are ideally suited for all blends with natural fibers such as wool, cotton, linen, mohair, etc. Wet-spun types show the known and certified Dralon quality and high reliability. They look best when dyed in brilliant shades in the whole range of colours within many fields of applications. All Dralon fibers show outstanding light and weather resistance, and give garments easy wash and wear properties.

Courtelle Wool Blend Courtelle Wool Blend Courtelle Wool Blend Courtelle Wool Blend Courtelle Wool Blend

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