MALABRIGO RIOS [100% Hand Dyed Pure Merino Superwash]


Malabrigo RÍOS,
made in Uruguay


Malabrigo Ríos is a superior quality, plied, machine washable pure Merino wool yarn. It is ultra soft and hand-dyed in muted hues. Ríos is suitable for all kinds of hand knit garments and accessories, including high fashion: sweaters, dresses and wraps, jackets and cardigans, hats/scarves/gloves/mittens for ladies, men, and kids.

FYI Río means River in Spanish. Malabrigo Ríos is named after the four major rivers in Uruguay: Río Cuareim, Río Uruguay, Río de la Plata, and Río Negro. Each river is represented by one ply. These plies twist together like winding rivers. Ríos also signifies the yarn's washability.

* Similar yarns: Gloria, Mecha, Feliz

FIBRE: 100% Hand Dyed Pure Merino Superwash
YARN WEIGHT: Heavy Worsted
TENSION: 1" = 4.5 sts
NEEDLES: 4.25 - 5 mm (US № 6-8)
LENGTH: approx. 201 m / 210 yards
PATTERNS: Malabrigo Book № 4, Book № 6 IN CABO POLONIO, Book № 8 IN CENTRAL PARK
Price (CAD), 100g hank: $23.99
IN STOCK: 043 Plomo (20 hanks), 096 Sunset (10 hanks), 416 Indiecita (9 hanks), 846 Winter Lake (10 hanks), 855 Aguas (8 hanks), 863 Zarzamora (8 hanks), 871 Playa (10 hanks), 872 Purpuras (10 hanks)

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Garment Care: machine or hand wash in cool water with mild soap or woolwash. Dry flat. Do not sun dry, spin, or tumble dry.

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[MALABRIGO RIOS [100% Hand Dyed Pure Merino Superwash], col 043 plomo 043, Plomo
(Muted hues of Silver, Charcoal, Slate, and Purple Mauve)
* 20 hanks
  [MALABRIGO RIOS [100% Hand Dyed Pure Merino Superwash], col 096 Sunset 096, Sunset
(Muted hues of Dusty Copper and Burnt Orange)
* 10 hanks
[MALABRIGO RIOS [100% Hand Dyed Pure Merino Superwash], col 416 Indiecita 416, Indiecita
* 9 hanks
  [MALABRIGO RIOS [100% Hand Dyed Pure Merino Superwash], col 846 Winter Lake 846, Winter Lake
(Muted hues of Winter Sky, Rainy Cloud, Warm Medium Grey, Silver, Pale Lavender, and Pale Elderberry)
* 10 hanks


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From L4E 0H9

SHAWL, Malabrigo RIOS


WRAP, Malabrigo RIOS

BOOK № 10, RÍO

Patterns for Ríos:
RÍOS CARDIGAN © Malabrigo BOOK № 6, In Cabo Polonio, Ríos, col 866 Arco
TARACEA Hats © Malabrigo BOOK № 4, designer: Odessa Reichel.
[MALABRIGO RIOS [100% Hand Dyed Pure Merino Superwash], col 855 Aguas 855, Aguas
* 8 hanks
  [MALABRIGO RIOS [100% Hand Dyed Pure Merino Superwash], col 863 Zarzamora 863, Zarzamora
(Muted hues of Forest Green, Purple and Plum)
* 8 hanks
  [MALABRIGO RIOS [100% Hand Dyed Pure Merino Superwash], col 871 Playa 871, Playa
(Shades of Dark Olive, Charcoal and Grey)
* 10 hanks
  [MALABRIGO RIOS [100% Hand Dyed Pure Merino Superwash], col 872 Purpuras 872, Purpuras
(Muted hues of Grey, Aubergine and Dark Rose)
* 10 hanks


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