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Lana Grossa,
made in Italy


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Lana Grossa Pashmina is a luxuriously soft cashmerino yarn, slightly stretchable because of the tight S-twist for better durability that helps to knit fashionable garments. This exceptional quality cashmerino is suitable for hand knit and crochet fashion of any kind, for ladies and men. Garments made of Pashmina drape exceptionally well and are carefree. Note that cashmere processing costs are high, and to reduce them, true cashmere is usually blended with other natural fibers.

FYI The term "Pashmina" refers to superior quality cashmere, textiles made from it, or pashmina goats (a special breed of goat indigenous to high altitudes of the Himalayas) and their wool. This type of wool has been used for thousands of years (from the 15th century) to make high-quality shawls that bear the same name. The finest pashmina shawls are made in Kashmir by specially skilled artisans. The completion of one shawl can take up to six years.

* Similar yarn: Langamay, Cashmerino, Merino Superfine

FIBRE: 78% Merino extrafine, 22% Cashmere
YARN WEIGHT: Light Worsted
TENSION: 10x10cm (4"): 20 sts/ 24 rows
NEEDLES: 4.25 - 4.5 mm (US No. 6-7)
LENGTH: approx. 125 m / 139 yds
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PATTERNS: Linea Rossa No. 4, Filati Handknitting No. 42
Price (CAD): $29.99
IN STOCK: 03 Candy Pink (8 balls), 05 Powder Blush (7+10 balls), 06 Blue Ice (5+10 balls), 10 Wine (1+1 balls), 11 Terracotta (18+1 balls), 15 Tan (16 balls), 18 Teal (10 balls), 38 Dijon (10 balls)
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Garment Care: hand wash in lukewarm water or dry clean. No iron.


Lana Grossa PASHMINA, 03 Hotpink
03, Candy Pink
* 8 balls
  Lana Grossa PASHMINA, 05 Baby Pink
05, Powder Blush
* 7+10 balls
Lana Grossa PASHMINA, 06 Baby Blue
06, Blue Ice
* 5+10 balls
  Lana Grossa PASHMINA, 10 Wine
10, Wine
* 1+1 balls


JACQUARD PULLOVER, Burda Tricot 3-2010 JACQUARD PULLOVER © BURDA Tricot № 3-2010, designer: Elizabeth Plauert
Lana Grossa PASHMINA, 11 Terracotta
11, Terracotta
* 18+1 balls
  Lana Grossa PASHMINA, 15 Tan
15, Tan
* 16 balls
  Lana Grossa PASHMINA, 18 Teal
18, Teal
* 10 balls
  Lana Grossa PASHMINA, 38 Dijon
38, Dijon
* 10 balls

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