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An ultra exotic blend of two precious fibers, pure mink and pure cashmere, with the softness and lightweight of angora and texture of cashmere. Two fibers are S-twisted in a 2-ply yarn: one ply of creamy beige cashmere and one ply of undyed and unbleached natural white mink, so that the spun yarn has a beautiful, slightly mottled and slubbed, rustic texture. Like all precious yarns, it requires gentle handle and care.

* Similar yarn: Brushmere, Mink Handspun, Cashmere Handspun, Baby Camel Handspun

FIBRE: 50% Mink, 50% Mongolian Cashmere
YARN WEIGHT: Heavy Worsted / Aran
TENSION: 10x10cm (4"): 18 sts / 24 rows
NEEDLES: 4.5 - 5 mm (US No. 8)
LENGTH: approx. 110 m / 120.2 yds
Price (CAD): $79.99
IN STOCK: Sold out, restock might be available

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Garment Care: hand wash in cool water with mild soap or woolwash no rinse. Important: Wash and rinse (if necessary) in water of the same temperature to avoid "stress" of the fiber. Dry flat in shade. Do not sun dry, spin, or tumble dry.

Sorry, sold out, restock might be available

Similar handspun yarns: Brushmere, Mink Handspun, Cashmere Handspun, Baby Camel Handspun


Lotus MINK-CASHMERE HANDSPUN [50% Mink, 50% Cashmere], Heavy Worsted
Natural Fawn and Off White Melange
* Out of stock, might be avail. in some time


LOOSE-FIT CARDIGAN WITH SHAWL COLLAR © STRICK TRENDS Frühling 2015, Yarn: Schulana Angora Fashion.



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