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Diamond Luxury Collection FOLIE [60% Acrylic, 40& Polyester Fabric], Scarf Yarn  
Diamond Luxury FOLIE, made in Turkey

Diamond Luxury Collection Folie is a beautiful and innovative scarf yarn made with the use of fabric ribbon. It is exceptionally easy and simple to knit or crochet.To make a cute, 155 cm-length (61") summer scarf takes 30-35 minutes. One skein makes one scarf. Folie is manufactured in textile-pattern or animal prints. It is suitable not only for scarves, but can be successfully used for making fancy singlets (top-overs) worn over a tank-top for example, or embellishing. Because of a simple and thoroughly visualized design of the yarn, a finished garment looks like factory-manufactured. Important: Knit directly from the skein. Do not wind the skein into a ball. Work Garter stitch or crochet chain.

Tip: If slightly twisted (practically, there is no such problem with Folie), just slightly twist clockwise the needle with the knitted scarf on it.

* Similar yarn: Piccadilly, Tecido Rendado Trico, Sensual Geometrico, Knit Fabric Ribbon

FIBRE: 60% Acrylic, 40% Polyester Fabric
NEEDLES: 5-6 mm (US № 8-10)
LENGTH: approx. 22 m / 29 yds
Irene & Mr.Sheep Knitwear ©
Fabric Ribbon Knit Scarf » : 1 scarf = 1 skein, needle size 5 mm (US № 8), scarf lenght - 144cm (57")
MSRP (CAD): $19.99
Sale Price (CAD), 65g folded skein: $18.50
IN STOCK: 50 Leopard Print (3 skeins), 101 Roses (10 skeins), 103 Forget-me-nots (15 skeins), 200 White with Silver Lurex (20 skeins), 201 Black with Black Lurex (5 skeins)

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Garment Care: hand or machine wash cold, gentle cycle, with grapefruit wash or mild soap in cold water, dry flat.

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50, Leopard Print
* 3 skeins
  Diamond Luxury Collection FOLIE [60% Acrylic, 40& Polyester Fabric], Scarf Yarn 101, Roses
* 10 skeins
Diamond Luxury Collection BLOSSOM [100% Acrylic], Mesh Tape 103, Forget-me-nots
* 15 skeins
  Diamond Luxury Collection BLOSSOM [100% Acrylic], Mesh Tape 200, White with Silver Lurex
* 20 skeins
Diamond Luxury Collection BLOSSOM [100% Acrylic], Mesh Tape 201, Black with Black Lurex
* 5 skeins


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Knit Fabric Scarf, Irene & Mr.Sheep Co. FOLIE SCARF © Irene & Mr.Sheep Co., col. 101 Roses.


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