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‹ New in March-April-May:
Please find our shop featured in VOGUE Knitting Magazine Late Winter 2018 Issue: KNIT LIFE Canada by Lee Ann Dalton » Read full Article ». New in stock:
KNITTING SHOP: New colours for Orkney Angora ELSNESS DK [80% German Angora, 20% Lambswool] arrived April 16th: 11 Apricot, 12 Navy and 13 Wedgwood. Cascade BABY LLAMA CHUNKY [100% Baby Llama] is expected April 23-25th. Knitwear Boutique: HAND CROCHET WOOL SHAWLS will be posted by April 20th: col Natural Cream, Smoke, Ube. A few colours of Lang MOHAIR LUXE [77% Superkid Mohair, 23% Mulberry Silk] will be re-stocked in May: 027 Apricot, 058 Aquamarine, 148 Rose, 346 Amethyst. A few new yarns will be added to our inventory in May-June: SILKY CASHMERE FINGERING [55% Mulberry Silk, 45% Mongolian Cashmere], MULBERRY SILK FINGERING [100% Mulberry Silk], LINEN 100 [100% Linen]. ICELANDIC SILK in Natural White and UNDYED CASHMERE will be re-stocked. A few colours of TIBETAN CLOUD WORSTED might also be re-stocked. A brand-new yarn from Fil Katia - TENCEL COTTON [ 70% Lyocell, 30% Cotton] should arrive in June: 150m per 50g, needle size - 3.5mm.
WISE TEA GARDEN - ORGANIC TEAS AND FOODS: New KENYA, MALAWI, RWANDA and INDONESIA Natural Estate Teas arrived March 14th: Kenya Lelsa, Kenya Tinderet, Malawi Satemwa and Zomba Pearls, Rwanda Rukeri, Indonesia Santosa. SENCHA AKAIKE Green has been re-stocked April 6th. SHUNGITE PYRAMNIDS arrived April 9th. IN STOCK: Chosen Foods®, The Ginger People®, Frontier - Simply Organic®. The following Brands will be added to our Menu within next few months: Central Roast®, Navitas Naturals®, Eat Wholesome®, and other.
WELLNESS AND BEAUTY: Arrived April 19th: Pretty® Organic Hand Butters and Floral Waters, Soap Works® Natural Soaps, African Fair Trade® Organic Shea Butter, Ganesha's Garden® Solid Perfume. Arrived April 6th: Ready-to-Use Organic Diffuser Blends - Nordica Forest and Anti-stress, a new style of Cold Air Diffusers with Natural Wood base, Divine Essence Certified Organic Beauty Oils: Sacha Inchi, Tamanu, Rosehip, and a few varieties of Certified ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS have been re-stocked: Eucalyptus Radiata, Roman Chamomile, Copaiba Balsam, Amyris Wood, Elemi, Galbanum, Inula Sweet, Neroli 10%, Pepermint, Sage Lavandulifolia, Thyme Linalool.
GEMSTONE GIFTS AND JEWELLERY: AMETHYST LAMPS 7" and 9" and two new styles of 8" GEM TREES arrived March 12th: Hematite Gem Tree and Green Aventurine Gem Tre. Certified and Authentic BALTIC AMBER BEADED NECKLACES col Cognac 18" and 22" are in stock. April 11th: SELENITE Mountain Lamps, AGATE GEODES Lamps, RAIBOW ONYX and ROSE QUARTZ CANDLE HOLDERS arrived. SHUNGITE Pyramids are also in stock.

‹ New in January-February:
• February 23-28th: A few colours of Lang MERINO 120 [100% Merino Extrafine Superwash] have been re-stocked: col 021 Denim, 225 Black, 234 Navy, 328 Coral. VERENAs № 1 - Spring 2018 and IREN № 2-2018 arrived. * Note: Our Shipping Policy has been updted as of March 1st.
• January 30- February 7th: Spring 2018 Lang Books № 251 COLLECTION and № 252 CASUAL, MODA Knitting № 614 and IREN № 1-2018 are in our inventory. Authentic GEM TREES arrived February 2nd: Citrine Gem Tree, Amethyst Gem Tree, Carnelian Gem Tree, Sodalite Gem Tree, and Chrysocolla Chips Bonsai Tree. Incredibly soft Cascade SORATA [70% Llama, 30% Silk] is in stock: 400m in 100g, col 02 Natural, 03 Silver, 16 Crimson, 17 Midnight Blue. Superior quality Divine Essence® Eco-Cert Certified ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS arrived February 7th: Balsam Peru, Bergamot /Bergapten-Free, Cypress, Corsica Everlasting, Fir Balsam, Somali Frankincense, Geranium Bourbon, Fine Lavender, Petitgrain Bitter Orange, Ocean Pine, Scotch Pine, Rose Otto 5%, Spikenard, Vetiver, Fragrant Wintergreen; Organic Floral Waters: Damask Rose, Corsica Everlasting (Immortelle) and French Cornflower; Organic Body Butters: Shea + Cocoa + Chamomile, Shea + Cocoa + Geranium; Organic Prickly Pear (Barbary Fig) Beauty Oil.
• January 17-24th: Lanas Stop ANGORA [100% French Angora] has been re-stocked: col 0003 Off White, 0008 Baby Pink, 0010 Silver. Lotus BABY CAMEL ARAN [100% Mongolian Baby Camelhair] in Natural Camel and YAKOO a.k.a. Bamyak [75% Yak Wool, 25% Bamboo] are back to our inventory. Lotus CASHMERINO ARAN [80% Merino extrafine, 20% Mongolian Cashmere] in Natural Pearl White and a few new colours for MIMI PLUS [37% Mink, 33% Viscose, 18% Cashmere, 12% Wool] are available: 16 Crimson, 27 Light Amethyst, 52 Basalt Grey. Orkney Angora ELSNESS DK arrived: col 25 Fawn, 26 Natural White, 27 Black, 28 Graphite, 29 Smoke, 34 Light Olive. A few new styles of Mary Frances HANDBAGS are in our inventory: BERRY-LICIOUS STRAWBERRY BASKET and FLORAL EMBROIDERED LEATHER MINI.
• January 11-12th: Orkney Angora LAMBGORA [50% German Angora, 50% Lambswool] in Natural White has been re-stocked. New styles of BAG HANDLES are posted: abaca, shell incrusted wood, purse metal frames. A new item is in our Knitwear Boutique: FILET CROCHET SLEEVELESS NO-SEAM in Aquamarine. Mary Frances FLORA & FAUNA has been re-stocked.

‹ New in November-December 2017:
• December 4-19th: New Hand-Crochet Pullovers are posted in our Knitwear Boutique / CROCHET ROOM: FILET CROCHET NO-SEAM PULLOVERS in Lavender (M size) and Dijon (S size). New e-Patterns have been added: a free pattern - MOHAIR SHAWLETTE » and a kit with or without alpaca fur pompom - ONE-SKEIN ANGORA BULKY HAT ». If you don't have time, but want something exceptional - HANDPAINTED SHAWLETTE will be posted shortly. UNSCENTED DELICATE WASH 500 mL bottles, Diamond LAMBSWOOL & COTTON [55% Lambswool, 45% Cotton] col 25 Fawn Grey, and Diamond BABY ALPACA ARAN [100% Baby Alpaca] col 2201 Light Grey have been re-stocked. LAMBGORA [50% German Angora, 50% Lambswool] in Natural White will be re-stocked Jan 12-15. A big polar weight wool from Cascade - MÓNDO [ 50% Alpaca Superfine, 50% Merino Wool] is in our inventory: two natural col 8010 Natural White and 8400 Natural Pewter. A new free pattern BIG STS CUSHION is available. Borgo de'Pazzi CHUNKY BOOKs arrived Dec 19th. New items arrived into our TEA HOUSE - Copper plated stainless steel frame Tea Presses in two sizes - 4 and 6 cups, pyrex heat proof glass, 18/8 stainless steel plunging mechanism, deluxe. New items are in WOOL CARE: Natural JASMINE BALM - great for rough skin; made with the use of natural and chemical-free ingredients; packed in a beautiful silver organza gift bag. GIFT SHOP: GEM STONE GIFTS are in stock - Gemstone Bracelets, Amethyst Keychains. FLORAL HANDBAG CHARMS have been posted.
• November 22-28th: Lanas Stop ANGORA [100% French Angora] col 01 Opulent White has been re-stocked. A new colour - col 312 Black is available for Fil Katia SETA MOHAIR [70% Mulberry Silk, 30% Superkid Mohair]. A few styles of Norwegian PEWTER CLASPS have been re-stocked: styles 2070 Valle, 2104 Sissel, 2128 Drage, 2134 Tele, 2138 Saga. Sweater Stones are back to our inventory.
• November 15-17th: A few new colours and re-stock arrived for ONION® Garn Denmark CAMEL + MERINO [70% Merino extrafine, 30% Camel Wool]: col 902 Dusty Brown, 909 Camel, 912 Rainy Cloud, 913 Auburn, 924 Crimson; and MOHAIR + WOOL [50% Mohair, 50% Virgin Wool]: col 301 Off White, 304 Smoke, 305 Camel, 308 Lavender, 309 Aubergine. A new premium quality eco yarn is in our inventory: Light chunky ORGANIC COTTON + MERINO [50% Certified Organic Cotton, 50% Merino extrafine]: 95m per 50g, needle size - 4.5mm, col 714 Slate Melange, 719 Sapphire, 721 Opulent White, 736 Evergreen. Diamond LAMBSWOOL & COTTON col 24 Graphite has been re-stocked. Please pre-view our SPRING-SUMMER 2018 Yarn Collection here »
• November 1-12th: VERENA № 5 - Winter 2017, MODA Knitting № 613, IREN Winter 2017, SABRINA 11-2017, and KNITTING is Your Hobby 11-2017 arrived. BLOSSOMS AND HERBAL SACHETS are in stock: French Lavender - relaxing, Sage Leaves - mind clarifying, and Organic Rose Petals + Wild Buds Buds - for romantic dreams, Organic Camomile - soothing, Cinnamon Bark - energizgin; Vanilla and Mint should be on our shelves in late December.

‹ New in October:
• October 10-18th: Lang MERINO PERLINE [89% Virgin Merino extrafine, 11% Glass Beads] 5 colours are in stock: 09 Antique Rose Mauve, 70 Charcoal, 72 Sage Ice, 88 Evergreen, 94 Pearl. Estelle ECO ALPACA [100% Peruvian Alpaca Undyed] col 12(931) Fawn Grey and 85(939) Dusty Brown have been re-stocked. New colours are available for Diamond PURE SUPERKID [100% Superkid Mohair]: col 1515 Spice, 1518 Cinnamon, 1521 Cyan, and 1525 Espresso Bongo. MODA Knitting № 612 arrived October 18th. Lang Books FAM № 244 Folk Knits have been re-stocked. TEA HOUSE: Air Dried ELDERBERRIES and BILBERRIES are in our inventory. New varieties of CO2 Decaffeinated Teas and Naturally Flavoured Rooibos arrived October 17th. LAVENDER and SAGE SACHETS are expected in our GIFT SHOP by mid-November: As it is known, Sage is prized not only for its amazing aroma and flavour, but it is also used from the ancient times as a brain tonic, and there is a believe that it clarifies the mind and spirit.

‹ New in September:
• September 22nd: Two new colours are available for Diamond LAMBSWOOL & COTTON: 25 Fawn Grey Heather and 80 Coral. A new item is in our TEA HOUSE: LINGIA Estate Black - an extremely rare tea with a delicate and refined muscatel character. Lingia is one of the premiere Darjeeling tea estates of India and produces its outstanding tea just once or twice a year. COURTLODGE FBOP is also in our inventory: A very convenient drink (with ice or without) for a hot summer day meaning today's weather in Toronto.
• September 19th: Two brand-new handspun yarns from an IAGARB member - RUSANGORA® Art Farm arrived today: ANGORA BULKY [90% German Angora, 10% Merino extrafine] in Natural BLUE GREY: 110m per 50g, needle size 4.5mm, and LONG FLUFF DK [80% German Angora, 20% Merino extrafine] in Natural PEARL WHITE: 130m per 25g, needles size 3.5- 3.75mm. TEA HOUSE: Flavoured ROOIBOS will be re-stocked by mid-October: Strawberry Tingle, Organic Peach Rooibos, Almond Amaretto Biscotti, Bourbon Street Vanilla and Creme Au Caramel.
• September 1-12th: A brand new Fall 2017 yarn - Katia Concept SETA MOHAIR [70% Mulberry Silk, 30% Superkid Mohair] arrived: 93m per 25g ball, needle size - 3.5mm, tension: 22 sts/27 rows, cols 301 Bisque, 305 Serenity, 306 Tranquil Cloud. EUCALAN SOAPS Jasmine and Lavender have been re-stocked. Natural ALPACA FUR POMPOMS in Natural colours: White, Black, Camel, Light Grey have been re-stocked, and a new colour - Natural Cocoa is available. Arrived September 7th: TOFTuk FINE BRITISH ALPACA in Natural colours, TOFT Magazine Fall 2017, and TOFT Crochet Hooks. * Note: Canadian SRP for the following Malabrigo Yarns have been increased effective September 15th: Mecha, Merino Worsted, Rios, and Silkpaca. Please find our October-November 2017 Price List here »

‹ New in August:
• August 24-31st: New colours for Diamond BABY LLAMA HEATHER [100% Baby Llama] arrived: 856 Goldenrod, 857 Garnet, 858 Terracotta, 859 Spruce Heather. New colours are available for Diamond MULBERRY LINEN [50% Alpaca, 25% Mulberry Silk, 25% Linen] - col 14 Fog and 16 Bisque. A new colour is available for Mondial COTTON SOFT BIO - 163 Warm Fawn, colours 740 Vanilla Rose Powder and 822 Taupe should arrive next week. Katia CONCEPT № 4 Fall 2017 are in stock. New Estate Black Teas are in our inventory: INDIA - SIKKIM Temi (FTGFOP), SRI LANKA - NUWARA ELIYA Courtlodge (FBOP), and ASSAM - TARAJULIE.
• August 15-21st: New Diamond's Own notions are in our inventory: tape measures, ball winders, and stylish yarn cutters/scissors. A few handpaints of Malabrigo DOS TIERRAS [50% Merino Wool, 50% Baby Alpaca] arrived: 33 Cereza, 415 Matisse Blue, 845 Cirrus Grey, 866 Arco Iris.
• August 2-14th: A few multis of SUPER 10 Butterfly Mercerized Cotton have been re-stocked: 0449 Orange Lollipop, 0507 Emerald, 0804 Lipstick, 2020 Meadow, 2414 Dusk. Two new colours for Lang ANGORA [70% French Angora, 30% Merino extrafine], col 26 Fawn and 72 Mint Dew arrived August 11th.

‹ New in June-July:
• July 25th: Arrived today ~ Lotus BAMBOO DK [100% Organic Bamboo Viscose]: col 01 Opulent White, 02 Black, 03 Dew, 04 Antique Silver, 05 Strawberry Tisane, 14 Sapphire; Lotus ANGORA HANDSPUN in Natural White and a brand-new Handspun yarn Lotus COTTON HANDSPUN in Natural White. BURDA TRICOT № 15 are in stock. TEA HOUSE: New varieties of ESTATE Black Teas from India Darjeeling and Sikkim Estates, and Sri Lanka Kandy are in stock. The most favourite Estate Black KENYA KOSABEI TGFOP and Sri Lanka LOVERS LEAP Orange Pekoe have been re-stocked. * Tea House Policy Update: At our Tea House, teas are priced per 50g and per nitrogen-flushed vacuum-sealed packs of various weights. Buying by packs, you always receive a discount on all Teas, Herbs and Tea Dressings. Free Tea Sample(s) are also included in your order as an extra. For orders over $350, an additional volume purchase discount applies.
• July 12-17th: A new colour is available for Diamond TROPICALIA [55% Cotton, 45% Viscose] - col 8990 Black. MODA Knitting № 610 are in stock. Notions: a new compact cutter-scissors Diamond's Own are in our inventory.
• June 10-23rd: Brand new items are in stock - NETTLE SOCK YARN [70% Superwash Wool, 30% Nettle Fiber] - 100% Natural, with NO nylon for your tired feet: 185m per 50g, needle size - 2.5mm, col 1007 Dusty Lavender, 1014 Pistachio, 1023 Fig, 1026 Amethyst; Natural blend of CAMEL + WOOL [30% Camel, 70% Merino extrafine] 110m per 50g, needle size - 4.5mm, col 901 Beige, 909 Camel, 915 Chocolate; Everybody's favourite classic chunky mohair - MOHAIR + WOOL [50% Mohair, 50% Merino extrafine] 150m per 50g, needle size - 5mm, col 303 Pewter, 319 Vintage Rose, 326 Burgundy; Let your body breathe in winter - ORGANIC WOOL + NETTLES [70% Organic Wool, 30% Nettle Fiber] 130m per 50g, needle size - 4mm, col 806 Cedar, 8131 Peony, 817 Fawn, 823 Citrus, 819 Amethyst, 834 Cognac. VERENA Summer 2017 and MODA Knitting №609 arrived June 23rd.

‹ New in April-May:
• May 23-26th: A classic cotton-viscose blend Diamond TROPICALIA [55% Cotton, 45% Viscose] is in stock: 224m per 100g, needle size - 4 mm, col 2550 Navy, 2829 Sapphire, 5398 Forest, 5556 Jade, 6313 Amethyst, 7136 Terracotta, 7371 Burnt Orange, 8001 Opulent White, 8473 Silver. New in our Tea House: 'Pure Land' teas are in stock - Nepal ILAM TGFOP and Nepal JUNCHI GREEN. New varieties of deluxe natural and certified organic teas from Kenya and India Estates are available: Kenya MILIMA, Kenya KOSABEI TGFOP (re-stock) and ORGANIC ASSAM TGFOP. Please order in our Specialty Items ».
• May 16th: Diamond CARAVAN [40% Linen, 32% Cotton, 18% Nettle Fiber, 10% Silk] is in stock: approx 125m per 50g, double knit, col 01 Opulent White, 05 Grey Pearl, 06 Lime Popsicle, 07 Jade, 11 Denim, 13 Burgundy. Diamond Caravan Leaflets№ 1581 and Pure Organic Leaflets № 1605-06 are available.
• May 8-10th: Two brand-new colours of Diamond MULBERRY LINEN [50% Alpaca, 25% Mulberry Silk, 25% Linen], col 13 Lilac Mist and 14 Silver, are in stock. A brand-new Modial yarn arrived: COTTON SOFT BIO [100% ICEA Certified Organic Cotton] - needle size - 2.5-3mm, 180m per 50g, 28 sts / 33 rows, *ultra soft and velvety*, col 100 Opulent White, 173 Cedar, 174 Wine, 175 Copper, 176 Cream, 177 Silver Grey. A new colour is available for Diamond PURE SUPERKID [100% Superkid Mohair]: col 1525 - Espresso Bongo. A brand-new colour is also available for Mirasol SULKA LEGATO - col 33 APRICOT. A brand-new Certified Organic by IMO-CH (GOTS) wool/cotton blend is in stock: Diamond PURE ORGANIC [55% Certified Organic Merino extrafine, 45% Certified Organic Cotton], need size - 3mm, 230m per 50g ball, 30 sts / 44 rows, col 38 Blue Teal, 39 Evergreen, 46 Lavender, 76 Mulberry, 79 Marine, 83 Wine, 91 Cranberry, 99 Navy.
• April 25th - May 3rd: A new Diamond Yarns is in stock: LAMBSWOOL & COTTON [55% Lambswool, 45% Cotton] - a great breathable everyday yarn for everybody. A gorgeous single filament yarn Manos del Uruguay CLARA [100% Superwash Merino Wool] has been re-stocked: 07 Lace Agate, 10 Azafran, 16 Mithril, 18 Hortensia. KNITWEAR BOUTIQUE: Handpainted WATERCOLOUR RECTANGULAR SHAWLETTE [Fiber content: 100% Brushed Mohair] is ready for purchases.
• April 12-20th: New books are in our inventory: Alice Starmore's CHARTS FOR COLOR KNITTING (new and expended edition), Nancy Marchant' KNITTING FRESH BRIOCHE (Creating Two-Color Twists & Turns), Melissa Leapman's 6000+ PULLOVER POSSIBILITIES (Interchangeable Options for Custom Knitted Sweaters). A few colours of Manos del Uruguay SILK BLEND SPACE-DYED have been re-stocked: 3104 Prerie, 3120 Olivewood, and 3311 Arctic Shadow. Diamond ECSTASY [100% Superfine Merino Wool, Polar weight] and hand-dyed by Uruguayan artisans Manos del Uruguay MARINA LACE [100% Superwash Merino Wool] are posted for purchases.

‹ New in February-March:
• March 22-27th: PEWTER CLASPS styles 40 Gry, 55 Ragnhild, 65 Kari, 80 Bjorg, 128 Drage, and 138 Saga have been re-stocked. Mirasol NUNA FINA [40% Merino Wool, 40% Silk, 20% Bamboo Viscose] col 4008 Foggy has been re-stocked. A new book of Natural Dyeing arrived: Jenny Dea's WILD COLOR.
• March 15-16th: A brand-new for this season, Estelle SURI ALPACA [74% Brushed Suri, 22% Merino extrafine, 4% Polyamide] 130m per 50g, col: 01 Natural, 03 Light Grey, 04 Smoke and 06 Indigo are in stock - a great lanolin-free fluffy substitute if you are mohair sensitive! Estelle ALPACA-MERINO CHUNKY [60% Superfine Alpaca, 40% Merino Wool] col 204 Wine, 214 Cobalt, 215 Fawn Beige Heather, 219 Teal, 221 Light Grey and Diamond ECSTASY [100% Merino Wool] - a polar-weight twist of 2 singles, col 131 Natural and 133 Smoke are in stock.
• March 8-13th: Estelle ECO ALPACA [100% Suprefine Undyed Alpaca] col 12(931) Fawn Grey has been re-stocked. New colours are available for Mirasol UMINA [50% Royal Alpaca, 50% Merino extrafine]: col 1013 Turquoise Heather and BRE TITUS [50% Wensleydale Longwool, 20% Bluefaced Licester, 30% UK Alpaca]: col 022 Heathcliff. Mirasol UMINA col 1009 Sandalwood has been re-stocked.
• February 19-24th: Fil Katia ANGORA 100 col 01 Opulent White and 02 Black have been re-stocked. Lang Books № 238 URBAN, FaM № 243 URBAN, and VERENA № 1-2017 arrived. ** Please be advised: Our address for mail has been changed.**

‹ New in November /16 - January /17:
• November 1-5th: Estelle ECO ALPACA [100% Peruvian Alpaca Undyed] col 21(935) Sand and Diamond MULBERRY LINEN [50% Alpaca, 25% Mulberry Silk, 25% Linen] col 02 Natural have been re-stocked. * Notice: There will be a disruption in our sales and service from Nov 5th/16 to Feb 28th /17. Best wishes for a safe & happy holidays, and prosperous New 2017 Year!

‹ New in September-October:
• October 24th: ELSNESS DK [80% Dehaired German Angora, 20% Lambswool] and UMIÑA are available for purchases. New items in our Boutique: 2 pc Set FROSTED SCARF AND HAT is ready for purchases.
• October 10-14th: Polar-weight (15mm needle) Diamond ECSTASY [100% Superfine Merino] col 131 Cream and 135 Graphite are in our inventory. Please find our NOV-DEC 2016 Price List here »
• September 12th: A brand-new luxury Diamond LLAMA SOFT [100% Baby Llama] arrived: natural col 01 Natural White, 02 Fawn Beige, 03 Toffee, 06 Bark Brown, 07 Graphite. Note: New in-stock items, which are still waiting to be posted - /coming soon on our website: hand-painted art single pointed needles, abaca plant and wooden with encrusted shell baghandles, new colours for vegan leather baghandles, floral handbag charms, lots of new deluxe and organic teas.

‹ New in July-August:
• August 23-30th: Mirasol UMIÑA [50% Royal Alpaca, 50% Merino extrafine], a new yarn for Fall-Winter 2016, is in stock: col 1002 Misty Morning, 1004 Slate (Dark Grey), 1006 Plum Pie, 1009 Sandalwood. Malabrigo AQUARELLA [100% Hand Dyed Pure Merino Wool] has been added to our sale bin. MODA Knitting № 599 and № 600 are in our inventory. Malabrigo MORA [100% Mulberyy Silk] is available for purchases.
• August 3-14th: Lang Books FaM № 235 FOLK KNITS are in stock. MODA Knitting № 595 Collection arrived. Our inventory of Grignasco JGUAZU [40% Linen, 40% Bamboo, 20% Silk] has been updated. A new color is available for Mirasol SULKA LEGATO [ 60% Merino Wool, 20% Alpaca, 20% Silk] : col 26 Lemon. META SCARF [fiber content: 100% Superfine Alpaca + Alpaca-Silk blend], a new item in our Knitwear Boutique, is ready for purchases. A new organic variety of artisan green tea has been added to our Tea House's inventory: Organic Lu Mu Dan Wheel.
• July 19th, FYI: The Sensation Swing is launched in Amsterdam: A'DAM LOOKOUT » Now you can swing "at 100 meters above the ground with Amsterdam under your feet"!
• July 7-11th: Manos del Uruguay MARINA [100% Superwash Wool ] col 8726 Holy is in stock. SANDRA Magazines № 28-2016 and VERENA № 3 arrived July 11th.

‹ New in May-June:
• June 11-22nd: A brand new style of Mary Frances handmade purses JUZZ CLUB is in stock. WILD FIBERS Magazine Vol 13 Issue 1 has arrived. Our FALL-WINTER 2016-2017 Yarn Collection is available for preview. Note: We are migrating to a new e-Commerce host. To order and pay via INTERAC e-Tranfers (CAD) please submit your order online » or contact Sales@imrsheep.com. Yarn Market News: Iceland facing a knitting wool shortage due to tourist boom - Read more »
  FYI: For complete information on soy, comprehensive history of soy, soy graphic collection, soy image gallery, and books about soy, please visit Soy Info Center. Free online books »

• May 25-28th: Summer 2016 publications are in stock: SANDRA Magazine № 27-2016 (FR), SANDRA Striken № 2-2016 (GR), Stricktrends Sommer 2016 (GR). Malabrigo RIOS in col 005 Aniversario and Manos del Uruguay MARINA col 8726 Holy should arrive in June.
• May 11th: A brand new angora yarn in double knit weight Orkney Angora ELSNESS DK [80% German Angora, 20% Lambswool] is in stock: 25g balls and 25/15g balls for Natural White, hand-dyed solids 28 Black, 27 Charcoal, 29 Silver, 33 Dark Olive, 34 Light Olive.

‹ New in April:
• April 25-28th: A new fingering weight yarn Manos del Uruguay MARINA [100% Superwash Wool ] is in our inventory: needle size 2.75 mm, tension: 30-32 sts / 38-40 rows, hand-dyed col 0036 Lavanda, 7165 Shantung, 9294 Fresias, 9952 Calypso. Update: now orders over $100 are supplied with free Tea Samples. Enjoy your knitting time with a complementary cup of premium tea from our Tea House!
• April 7-19th: Orkney Angora AURORA [70% Angora, 30% Lambswool] arrived: solid col 03 Heather, 04 Jade, 18 Yarrow , 21 Wild Rose, 23 Aquamarine, 25 Taupe. A new 2016 colour is available for Malabrigo RIOS [100% Merino Superwash Wool Hand Dyed]: col 846 Winter Lake: Muted hues of Winter Sky, Rainy Cloud, Warm Medium Grey, Light Grey, Pale Lavender, and Pale Elderberry. SUMMER 2016 issues of FILATI Handknitting, ANNA Tricots, VERENA, MODA Knitting, and BURDA TRICOT are in stock.

APRIL 8-10: Orangeville is hosting the 15th annual Alpaca Ontario Spring Show. http://oaseventcentre.ca/upcoming-events-2: "This is not only the largest show of its kind in Ontario, but the largest in Canada! The show is over 3 days with alpacas from all over Ontario, Quebec and even some western visitors. Come and see the animals and talk to the owners. There will be fleeces to see and many products made from the fleece of these endearing animals. There will be vendors selling all things alpaca."   For a full schedule please visit Alpaca Ontario.ca »

‹ New in February-March:
• March 23-30th: A new colour is available for Manos GLORIA [100% Merino Superwash Wool Hand Dyed]: col 9644 Chrysanthemum. New Specialty Items are in stock: floral handbag charms, amigo coin wallets, long wallets, and mini crossbodies.
• March 7-18th: Malabrigo MERINO WORSTED col 030 Purple Mystery and 034 Orchid have been re-stocked. Cascade ALPACA LACE [100% Baby Alpaca] is back to our inventory: col 1405 Natural, 1413 Silver Heather, 1415 Antique Ruby Heather, 1418 Marine Heather, 1440 Moutarde, 1442 Bluestone. New publications arrived March 17th: FAIT MAIN Printemps 2016, FAIT MAIN Accessories 2016, SANDRA Magazine № 26 (FR), FILATI Handknitting HOME № 63, MODA Knitting № 590 Ponchos and Shawls. A brand new certified organic cotton Sesia BIO 3 [100% Organic Cotton] in 4 eco colours arrived March 10th: col 4423 Taupe Damask, 460 Light Grey Heather, 668 Silver, 910 White Suede.
• February 17-26th: BRE TITUS [50% Wensleydale Longwool, 20% Bluefaced Leicester, 30% British Alpaca] has been re-stocked: col 007 Aire, 009 Wesley Bob, 015 Endeavour. Spring 2016 Magazines arrived: BURDA TRICOT Printemps 2016, STRICK TRENDS Früling 2016, SANDRA Stricken № 1, 2016, and ANNA Tricots № 10-2016.
• February 4th: A new service is available for residents of Vaughan: Home / Office delivery can be arranged for orders over $200, please request ». TEA HOUSE: New varieties of teas and tea spices are in stock: Bohemian Raspberry Green, 1000 Day Flower blooming tea, Frosty Plum Spice Flavoured Black, Organic Jas'vert Wellness Green, Chocolate Mint Rooibos, Decaf Peach Apricot Black, and new tea spices: Cornflower and Red Cornflower Petals, Honeysuckle Petals, Organic Lemon Verbena, Lily Petals, Jasmine and Mallow Flowers, Red Plum Petals, Lemon - Orange Pieces 1/4 Cut, and brand-new packaging envelopes! And of course, naturally Blue colored tea - Blue Suede Shoes Flavored Green: the content of Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers makes the infusion naturally Blue coloured with the notes of sweet vanilla custard.

‹ New in December-January 2016-2017:
• January 13-18th: Lang Books № 231 COLLECTION Spring-Summer 2016, and SANDRA Magazine 25-2016(FR) arrived. More supply of FATTO A MANO № 205 Collection is available. Louisa Harding LUZIA col 07 Otter, 10 Chinchilla, 15 Red Fox have been re-stocked. Faux Fox Fur Pompoms 13 cm in diameter col 06 Black and 13 Aubergine are in our inventory. Faux Fox Fur Pompoms 10 cm in diameter col 02 Otter and 03 Mink have been re-stocked, and a new colour 19 Powder Blush is available.

• December 15-23rd: Lang CASHMERE CLASSIC [100% Premium Cashmere] col 33 Mimosa and 65 Fuchsia are in stock. New publications arrived: BURDA TRICOT Hiver 2015, ANNA TRICOTS № 9-2015, VERENA Winter 2015, MODA Knitting № 592. A new item is available in our Knitwear Boutique: SILKY ALPACA SCARF-WRAP.
• December 2-8th: BRITTANY needles and crochet hooks have been re-stocked: Single points 14" 12 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, double points 5" 3 mm, and crochet hooks 9 mm. A new style of pewter buttons (large) is in stock: № 127 AASE 27 mm diam. TOFT CHUNKY [100% Organic Falkland Merino Wool] is posted for purchases. Fil KATIA Débutantes No. 4-2015 (FR, NL) is in our inventory. New items and re-stock arrived to our TEA HOUSE: Organic Sencha Akaike and Organic Slimming Oolong in pyramid tea bags, Organic Chunmee Green №1, Angel's Dream Flavoured Black, Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos, Strawberry Tingle Rooibos, Almond Amaretto Rooibos, Rose Tea, and Icewine Black in souvenir tins. Special Holiday prices are available for LOTUS YARNS. Happy Holidays!

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