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Lang HOME Magazine
  FATTO A MANO HOME » A unique collection of designs for home ranging from simple and timeless to nostalgic and colorful: fringe and cable pillows, floor cushions and poufs, floor vases and vase cozies, decorative accents for door knobs, comfy shawls, home coats and pullovers, crocheted rugs and bath mats, knit-woven blankets and coverlets, eye-catching crochet-and-felt bowls and baskets, neck-rolls with decorative tassels, ruffle edge throws, constructed from crocheted squares house slippers, handbags, foot stool covers, crocheted containers with lids, crocheted and then stuffed animals.

© Lang Yarns
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FYI: The Giant Puffball mushroom gives the most lovely red-brown set with Ammonia when used on sheep wool. Ontario Dyeing Mashrooms »

Price List, APRIL-MAY 2015 .*pdf
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Fashion and Textile Industry Trade Fairs in Europe

STRUZZO, Lanas Stop

Spring-Summer 2015 Knit Fashion Trends: Folk-inspired knits, oversized pullovers and cardigans, shorts and light coats in Sand, Toasted Almond or Strawberry Ice; Designer artificially-coloured fur yarns and vegan fur embellishments, convenient sweater-dresses, optical prints and graphic intarsias, ornamental floral patterns, the most popular - color blocking design patterns with the muted shades of Orchid and Dazzling Blue or Sand and Hemlock hues; Jacquards in hues of Black, Glacier Grey and White, and combination of minimalism and futurism in monochrome looks; Curvy lines and shapes to create the impression of motion, baroque-inspiration styles; Bright and burning tones of Tangerine, Cayenne, Aquamarine, Freesia; Accents in feathers, jewels and crystals; Vintage: checkered skirts and jackets in classic red-and-black or black/gray tones; One-of-a-kind abstract and artistic prints inspired by John Galliano, Givenchy, Burberry, Just Cavalli; An exclusive for this season: mixed knits with leather, artsy handmade handbags, backpacks and jewellery.
2015 Pantone Colour Trends »

SPRING-SUMMER 2015 Hand Knit Fashion Collections are In Stock:

Lace Raglan Sweater, NORO
LACE RAGLAN SWEATER © NORO, Book BOUTIQUE, Jenny Watson Designs, yarn: Noro JANOME

* Information on our website is updated daily.
  • FaM № 220 ASIA, Spring 2015 new item
• FaM № 216 MADE AUF VEDDEL new item
• FaM № 218 COLLECTION, Spring 2015new item
BURDA TRICOT № 9, Spring 2015new item
• Fil KATIA № 84 WOMAN-MAN, Spring 2015new item
LINEA PURA Spring 2015 (EN)new item
FAIT MAIN Tricot Printemps 2015 new item
FAIT MAIN Tricot ACCESSORIES Printemps 2015 new item
• FILATI Handknitting № 55 (EN)
• FILATI Handknitting № 54 HOME (EN)
• ONline Fashion Magazine Spring 2015 new item
MODA Knitting № 580, 581 (RU)new item
• MALABRIGO BOOK № 8new item
• FILATI Special Issue: Alta Moda Cashmere & Yak Merino Book (EN) new item
• IREN № Spring 2015 (RU) new item
VERENA Spring 2015 (RU)new item
• SABRINA Fashion Knits № 6 (EN)
SABRINA № 3-2015 (RU)
SUSANNA № 4-2015 (RU)new item
FAIT MAIN Tricot Accessoires (FR)
TENDANCES Tricot № 19 (FR)
• FILATI Infanti № 7 (EN)
ARAN Book (EN)
LANG Accessories »
• SEWING: Couture Facile (FR)
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Premium Organic Teas

* New items and re-stock expected in May-July: A brand new spay-dyed yarn from Araucania - CURACO [100% Wool]; Our inventory of LOTUS YARNS is expected to be re-stocked in June-July; A hand beaded lamé Lanas Stop OYSTER: col 000 White, 100 Black, 505 Silver, a feather yarn Lanas Stop PIUMA, more supply of Lanas Stop ANGORA for col 500 Light Grey, 701 Snow, and a new col 711.
* New items and re-stock expected in April: 4 new colours: col 18, 21, 23 and 39, will be available for Lang SOL DÉGRADÉ; Manos del Uruguay MAXIMA Space-Dyed [100% Merino Wool] and SILK BLEND Space-Dyed [70% Merino Wool, 30% Silk] will be re-stocked.

‹ New in March-April:
• March 25-26th: Estelle ECO ANDEAN DK [100% Peruvian Highland Wool] in natural col 01, 03, 04, 05 arrived. FAIT MAIN Tricot Printemps 2015 (№ 9) and FAIT MAIN Tricot ACCESSORIES Printemps 2015 (№ 11) arrived March 26th. WILD FIBERS Magazine Vol 12 Issue 1 (Spring 2015) are in stock. In this issue: Why Llama is is a true jewel in the camelid family?; Falkland Island sheep; Understanding the Fair Trade world of fibers; How to convert crops into clothing: Think Hemp. Lang SOL DÉGRADÉ [100% Combed Cotton] col 62 Rose Rhapsody has been re-stoked. A new colour arrived for Queensland Collection SAVANNA [66% Silk, 34% Linen]: col 03 Bleached White. Note: Lana Grossa Books LINEA PURA Spring 2015 (EN) and a few new colours of SOLOCASHMERE 110 should arrive by the end of March. Notice: There is a delay in delivery of some Spring-Summer BURDA Publications (VERENA): expected arrival - mid April.
• March 12-19th: A brand-new, exotic blend of Mulberry Silk and Linen SAVANNA [66% Silk, 34% Linen] from Queensland's Spring-Summer 2015 Collection arrived: col 01 Black, 02 Mottled Grey, 04 Ecru, 05 Fawn, 10 Crimson, 11 Burnt Orange. A new Spring-Summer Jenny Watson's Books NORO BOUTIOQUE are in stock. A few colours of Estell CLOUD COTTON [100% Organic Pima Cotton] have been re-stocked: col 107 Leaf, 109 Azure, 112 Crimson, 118 Mint, and 120 Kiwi. More inventory of Malabrigo AQUARELLA [100% Hand Dyed Merino Wool] col 14 Yi is available. Spring 2015 Mirasol SULKA LEGATO Leaflets № 5092 and 5093, IREN Knitting and Crochet Magazine № 3-2015 (RU), and SABRINA March 2015 (RU) arrived. A few colours of Diamond MULBERRY MERINO have been re-stocked: col 1383 Fire Red, 2290 Greige, 2699 Slate, 3161 Frozen Strawberries, 6989 Dusty Olive, 8627 Roasted Almond, 8840 Avocado, 8909 Copper.
• March 2-6th: New colours and re-stock arrived for a few Lang yarns: CASHMERE PREMIUM [ 100% Premium Cashmere] col 05 Graphite Heather has been re-stocked and a new colour, 25 Navy Blue, is available. Three new colours arrived for Lang YAK [50% Yak Wool, 50% Merino extrafine]: col 70 Dusty Coal, 326 Taupe Heather and 405 Taupe Charcoal Twist. Lang ASIA [70% Mulberry Silk, 30% Yak Wool] col 06 Dusty Marine is in stock. IREN Spring 2015 (RU) arrived March 5th. More inventory of Lanas Stop VISÓN col 100 Black is available. TEA SHOP: A new variety of Matcha tea is in our inventory: ORGANIC YERBA MATE GREEN Matcha, 200g packs, country of origin: Brazil, packed in Canada. * Please be advised our prices for Matcha will be increased effective March 15th.

‹ New in January-February:
• February 5-19th: Lang Yarns Spring 2015 BOOKS are in stock: FaM № 216 MADE AUF VEDDEL - Designs by Sibilla Pavenstedt, FaM № 218 COLLECTION, FaM № 220 ASIA. BURDA TRICOT Spring 2015 arrived February 18th. Two new colours are available for Lang CASHMERE CLASSIC: col 03 Light Grey Heather and 96 Almond. A new colour, 18 Blue Moss Heather, arrived for Lang YAK [ 50/50 Yak - Merino Wool]. Malabrigo BABY SILKPACA LACE col 69 Pearl Ten is in stock. The following qualities have been re-stocked: Malabrigo MERINO WORSTED col 017 Pink Frost and 616 Plena, Araucania RUCA MULTI [100% Sugarcane Viscose] col 02 Spring Frost and col 19 Mangosteen, Estelle ECOLOGICAL ALPACA col 16(937) Nougat and 17(938) Cocoa. A new luxury and rare tea PEONY WHITE NEEDLE is available at our Tea Shop. FYI: Peony White Needle Tea is the top grade available and very rare. Hallmarks of very rare white tea: long white needles are covered with furry down and have a very uniform appearance. These are the rules for picking Peony White Needle Tea: Only picked between March 15 and April 10. Not picked on days that may be raining. Not picked if the dew has not dried or if there is frost on the ground. No purple buds allowed and the stems must not be too long or too short. Leaves damaged by wind, handling, insects or partially open are rejected and put into a lower grade. * Update: Please be advised, the volume purchase discount rates will be changed effective March 1, 2015.
• January 2-28th: A brand new, ultra soft exotic from Lang Yarns' Spring 2015 collection - ASIA [70% Silk, 30% Yak] is in stock: 145m /50g ball, 27 sts / 36 rows, needle size 3-3.5 mm, col 59 Rust, 65 Heather, 70 Graphite. A brand new yarn from Noro Spring 2015 collection - KUREOPATORA [100% Wool] arrived: 270m /100g, col 1001, 1005, 1007, 1008, 1009, 1011. SABRINA № 1-2015 (RU) and WILD FIBERS Vol 11 Issue 4 (Winter 2015) arrived January 16th. Crochet-motif MUSTARD SHOULDRETTE will be available for purchases end of February.

‹ New in December:
• December 8-18th: A re-stock and new colours arrived for a few Lang yarns: a new heather colour 333 Denim Heather for Lang YAK and more supply is available for col 39 Dusty Brown, three new colours for Lang MOHAIR LUXE - col 23 Rainy Cloud, 70 Graphite, 248 Antique Rose. More supply is available for Lang CASHMERE PREMIUM col 22 Taupe Heather, and two new colours 21 Sky and 23 Pebble Grey Heather are in our inventory. Our new ePattern/Leaflet № 633 TWIN LAYER SILK-ALPACA LOOP will be posted by the end of the week (Dec 19-20). Three new colours of FAUX FOX FUR POMPOMS are available: col 02 Otter, 03 Mink (Chocolate with Black Speckles) and 10 Aqua. A new style of PEWTER CLASPS 102 SAGA XL is available (11 x 3.5 cm), Pewter Buttons 137 SAGA have been re-stocked. MODA Knitting № 583 arrived: Hand-crocheted from alpaca, wool, cotton, and kid mohair, flower-motifs jackets, dresses, suits, sarafan-dresses, coats, pullovers; and hand-knit jacquard skirts, knit-sewn cardigans, designer hats and other accessoires de mode. VERENA Winter (№ 4) 2014 (RU) and SABRINA № 12-2014 (RU) arrived December 9th. Our Spring-Summer 2015 Yarn Collection can be previewed here.

‹ New in November:
• November 27th - December 1st: Malabrigo MERINO WORSTED col 157 AMOROSO is in stock. Malabrigo AQUARELLA col 16 Indiecita has been re-stocked. SUSANNA December 2014 (RU) issues have arrived: latest hand-knitted fashion trends in new shapes and new yarns from Mondial. VERENA № 4 - Winter 2014 (RU)and SABRINA December 2014 are in stock. Tea Shop: Mallow Petals, Mini Rosebuds and Red Plum Petals should arrive by mid-December.
• November 18th: A special issue of BURDA STYLE Knitting Magazine - Handicraft-Knitting Fall-Winter 2014: the most recent knit trends and extravagant home decor ideas; BURDA Tricot Hiver 2014 (№ 8): fashionable designs with the use of rhinestones, beads, and delicate yarns; and a knitters' digest publication FAIT MAIN Tricot Hiver 2014 (№ 8) in a new exciting format are in stock. The following items are expected at the end of November: Jenny Watson's Books NORO BOUTIQUE - exiting hand-made clothing knitted of Noro Silk Garden, Shiro, Obi, Kureon, Janome; Three new colours of Lang MOHAIR LUXE col 23 Silver, 70 Ash, and 248 Rose Mauve should arrive in Nov-Dec.
• November 11th: Orkney Angora INCREDIBLE DK [100% German Angora] col 26 Natural White in 25g balls arrived today. Faux Fur FOX POMPOMS col 01 Opulent White have been re-stocked. FYI: these pompoms can also be used as Christmas ornaments, keychain and handbag charms, and for craft decoration. Our Spring-Summer 2015 Yarn Collection can be previewed here.
• November 1-6th: Lang YAK [50% Yak, 50% Merino extrafine] col 03 Warm Grey has been re-stocked, a new col 39 Dusty Brown is available. Fil Katia SILK-ALPACA [74% Alpaca superfine, 26% Mulberry Silk] col 60 Milkshake is in stock. Louisa Harding Books ETCETERA and MISTER MAGPIE have been re-stocked. SUSANNA November 2014, and SABRINA (RU) November 2014 arrived. A new recipe from our Tea Shop staff, ULTRA ROOIBOS: combine 5-10ml Organic Pearl Green Matcha (or 1 perfect matcha spoon) and 30-50ml of hot water, mix to make a paste-like substance. Top with freshly-brewed Organic Green Rooibos. Enjoy a perfect drinking vitamin-C liquid for long Canadian winter. Our next creation - Jasmine Flavoured Muffins is almost ready; stick around.

‹ New in October:
• October 21-28th: MALABRIGO BOOK № 6 - In Cabo Polonio, MALABRIGO BOOK № 7 - Rasta In Brooklyn, FILATI Handknitting № 55 (EN), FAIT MAIN Tricot Hiver 2014 are in stock. An additional supply is available for FILATI TRICOT № 7 (FR). Wild Fibers Magazine Winter 2014 (Vol 11 Issue 3) arrived Oct 28th. Lana Grossa SOLOCASHMERE 110 [100% Premium Cashmere] col 131 Midnight Indigo has been re-stocked. Natural and precious Noro JANOME [60% Silk, 40% Wool] 4.5mm needles, 150m /50g, col 04, 05, 08, 09, 10 have arrived. A new Halloween recipe from our Tea Shop staff: Organic ZOMBIE FLESH MUFFINS - simply add 30-45 ml of Organic Green Matcha to the organic flour mixture in your recipe, for more effect - put a few pieces of freeze-dried Raspberry between two layers of dough in each backing cup, and voilà! Tip: One fresh raspberry makes more 'bloody' effect; dried Goji berry, Prunes, and Pumpkin seeds can be a delicious extra. New items in our Tea Shop: Coffe-Tea - exotic blends of Puerh-style black tea and ground Arabica coffee beans. Mixed Colours PARTY SCARVES are ready for purchases: Xtralong (3), Medium-Short (8).
• October 8th: Fil Katia GRACE [70% Metal /OT63 Nickel Free, 20% Polyamide, 10% Acrylic] col 70 Charcoal, 74 Black, and GRETA [46% Viscose, 51% Metal /OT63 Nickel Free, 3% Polyamide] col 62 Black have been re-stocked. MODA Knitting № 581 (RU) arrived: fashionable shape-changing wraps that can be easily transformed into a poncho with comfortable sleeve openings or extravagant coat-cardigan; this inspiring collection is complemented with beautiful Shawls (ultra wide, regular-sized, and cropped) - an accent addition to your eveningwear, outwear, or simply stylish mood.
• October 1-3rd: Manos Artesanas DANCING CON LUREX [75% Mohair, 24% Wool, 1% Lurex] col 1312 Dulce has been re-stocked. New varieties of teas and tea accessories are in our Tea Shop inventory: Ethiopian Mocha Pu-erh - an exotic tea with African accent (Black tea Pu-Erh style, Coffee + Butterscotch + Almond pieces, Jasmine petals, Natural flavors), French Vanilla Pu-erh - a tea for vanilla orchid lovers (Black tea Pu-Erh style, Coffee, White chocolate + Butterscotch, Almond pieces, Calendula + Sunflower petals, Natural flavors), Slimming Oolong in pyramid teabags, stainless steel and new colours (Orange and Lemon) of ceramic teapots. Our PLEASANT TALK CARDIGAN MUGS are now available in 10 colours: Black, Forget-me-not, Brown, Burgundy, Orange, Teal, Lemon, Lime, Plum, and Royal Blue. A brand new publication is in stock: FILET HÄKELN (GR) - filet crochet projects for home and Christmas. SABRINA October 2014 (RU) and IREN № 8-2014 arrived.

‹ New in September:
• September 16-26th: Lana Grossa SOLOCASHMERE 110 col 125 Bordeaux and 132 Turquoise have been re-stocked. Two new colours of Fil Katia SILK-ALPACA col 61 Almond Latte and 66 Charcoal Melangé, and a new style of synthetic FOX FUR PPOMPOMS in 5 solid colours arrived: 01 White, 05 Silver, 06 Black, 07 Candy Pink, 08 Coral. A thick-and-thin chunky quality from Lana Grossa OLYMPIA GOLD arrived Sept 26th: col 303, 306, 307, 308, 311; put-up 100m / 100g, needle size: 8-10 mm. Lang Books FATTO A MANO № 211 COLLECTION, VERENA № 3 - Fall 2014, two new books from Lana Grossa: FILATI Tricot (FR) and Lana Grossa Special Issue: ALTA MODA Cashmere & Yak Merino BOOK (EN) are in stock. 3 new styles of SHELL BUTTONS manufactured in Canada arrived Sept 23rd: SUSANNA October 2014 issues are in stock. Our new design PLEASANT TALK CARDIGAN MUG with super insulation for long and pleasant chats is available for special orders. Three more colours of Lana Grossa SOLOCASHMERE 110: 117 Taupe, 125 Bordeaux, 132 Turquoise are expected Sept 25-29.
* Notes, Updates: • Please be advised that further issues of Filati Handknitting might not be available in English language. • Policy update: Please note, sales of handbags are final • Now we supply Teas to Australia, Japan, Sweden, and Hong Kong.
• September 2-12th: BURDA TRICOT № 7, Automne 2014 (FR) and MODA Knitting № 580 have arrived: Beyond imagination and belief, exalted and inspirational designs for Fall. A brand-new yarn with the delightfully silken texture of spun flax and intense colours, Diamond MULBERRY LINEN [50% Alpaca, 25% Mulberry Silk, 25% Linen] is in stock: col 02 Natural, 05 Honeycomb, 06 Rosewood, 08 Aubergine. An exclusive from Fil Katia Fall 2014 collection - SILK-ALPACA, 150m /25g, 4-4.5mm needles or fancy (weight): 64 Cocoa Melangé, 65 Black, 67 Silver Melangé, and KATIA Books CITY № 80 (Fall 2014) are in stock. Latest trends from European yarn manufacturers are posted for purchases: FAIT MAIN Tricot № 7 Automne 2014, SABRINA (RU) September 2014, IREN № 7, 2014 (RU). Ultra warm and cozy, reversible SIMPLY WARM SCARF [65% Baby Llama, 25% Merino Wool, 10% Donegal Nep] is ready for purchases and available in 8 colours on a special order basis. For your Afternoon Tea, we created our new organic recipe Wise Tea Garden Coconut-Oil Super Muffin.

‹ New in August:
• August 5-25th: Organic wool Borgo de Pazzi BIO [100% Organic Wool] in 4 natural colours is in stock: undyed col 01 Eggshell, 02 Fawn, 03 Taupe, 05 Roasted Cocoa. Louisa Harding MULBERRY HAND BEADED col 14 Black, Lana Grossa SOLOCASHMERE 110 col 101 Snow and 108 Light Grey have been re-stocked August 16th. An additional supply of Lang SOL DÉGRADÉ col 79 Bird of Paradise, and Lang MOHAIR LUXE Lamé: col 01 Snow, 04 Black, 23 Silver arrived August 18th. Two new colours are available for Estelle ALPACA 60 [100% Alpaca Superfine]: col 409 Turquoise Water Heather and 410 Pebble Heather. SABRINA August 2014 (RU), SUSANNA September 2014 (RU), and Stephenie Gaustad's book "The Practical Spinner's Guide: Cotton, Flax, Hemp" are in our inventory. BRITTANY Needles/crochet hooks have been re-stocked August 16: SP 4mm 14" and 10", SP 6mm 10", DP 6mm 10" and 7.5mm 10", crochet hooks 4mm, 6.5mm, 7.5mm, 8mm. Norwegian pewter clasps style 134 Tele has been re-stocked as well. New styles of Baghandles and new colours of leather baghandles have arrived. Mirasol AKAPANA (col 1304 Blue Teal, 1306 Rustic Red, 1309 Black, 1314 Holly, 1315 Walnut, 1318 Indigo Blue) and Lanas Stop CHICAGO will be re-stocked end of August. Tea Shop, Update: Please note, our teas and tea spices are now sold pre-packaged in the original manufacturers' nitrogen-flashed and vacuum sealed packs. * Tip: For daily routine stress relief and to curb snack attacks have a cup of organic green tea instead! Plain or mid-night jasmine scented, with cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, organic chocolate syrup or maple sugar cubes. Sip it slowly, enjoing the cup. If your soul can only be warmed up with a luxury exotic: try ultra rare natural white - plain or with linden (or your favourite) honey.

‹ New in June-July:
• July 21-29th: An additional supply of Estelle CLOUD COTTON [ 100% Organic Pima Cotton] col 110 Sky has arrived. Lang Books № 214 URBAN, № 212 COLOR, and SUSANNA August 2014 are in stock. Our Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Yarn Collection is available for preview.
• July 2-16th: MODA Knitting № 578 have arrived: lace-crochet skirts, flower-motifs sarafan-dresses and summer pullovers, Irish guipure boleros, Tunisian crochet purses with rose motif, a long-sleeved Irish guipure wedding dress in pure White - add colour and make something very special for yourself! SABRINA № 7-2014 (RU) are in stock: super-creative trends from Lang and Lana Grossa.
• June 20-24th: A few colours of Malabrigo SILKPACA [70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk] have been re-stocked: col 130 Damask, 850 Archangel, 853 Abril. Linda Cortright's WILD FIBERS Magazines Vol 11 Issue 2 have arrived; articles: Fancy Silks and Secret Agents in Uzbekistan, Does Your Llama Like to Drive?, Remembering the Warmth of the High Himalayas, and more. New items are available for purchases in our Knitwear Boutique: Motif-crochet necklace ROSE VINE and lacy Shawlette-Neckwarmer. Note: From August 1st, our Tea Shop will be specializing in pre-packaged teas only, minimum volume per pack: 100g, 200g, 250g depending on an item and manufacturers' minimum volume supply.
• June 9-18th: Collection of exclusive crocheted fashion and accessories from Russian knitwear designers MODA Knitting № 577 (RU) is in stock: Refined lace designs and patterns inspired by Silver Age for crochet virtuosos; techniques used: Irish lace, coupling lace, filet lace (netting), freeform crochet lace, and knit-crochet techniques. FAIT MAIN Tricot Été 2014 are in stock: 52 best designs from European yarn manufacturers in three styles: Sous le Soleil, Marée haute, Maille Chic, and haute couture summer fashion for kids. Knooking Needles!: "The combination of crocheting and knitting is extremely en vogue at the moment. The special "knooking" needle is a mix (knitting plus crochet hook) of the traditional crochet hook with an eye at the lower end of the needle, where the end yarn is threaded before the actual "knooking" starts. Knooking needles are available in various forms and sizes from Lana Grossa.

‹ New in May:
• May 21-28th: Les looks fleurissent sous le soleil - BURDA Tricot № 6 Été 2014 are in stock: chic seamless and maritime designs in sensual mesh patterns, timeless classic in fresh avantgarde shapes, an exclusive from Anna-Maria Busch: Cropped Asymmetric Filet-Motif Tunic. Vibrant with gentle sheen and easy texture, Louisa Harding MILA [ 91% Cotton, 9% Lurex] col 03 Lime has been re-stocked. ONline Fashion Magazine № 35 Summer 2014 (GR, EN): Florida-Filling designs, timeless and elegant Black & White, Fresh Water maritimers, and Summer in the City casuals; as usually extravagant SUSANNA June-July 2014 and latest European Fashion Trends in VERENA № 2-2014 (RU) have arrived. Lang Spring-Summer 2014 Books № 205 COLLECTION should be available in June. Update, Simply Knitting Magazine (UK): Orkney Angora and welfare assessments » William Sichel got in touch to tell about his Angora Yarn, and to reassure knitters that it can be safely and humanely shorn from the angora rabbits.
• May 9-12th: IREN № 3-2014: Anne Blatt and Lana Grossa latest trends, and SABRINA (RU) May 2014 have arrived: delightful summer designs for all occasions. Malabrigo SILKPACA col 04 Sapphire Green, 30 Purple Mystery and more supply of col 130 Damask are in stock. Please expect an increase in price for a number of Yarns from: Fil Katia (Greta, Grace, Roma, Jaipur), Louisa Harding (Luzia, Mulberry and Mulberry Hand Beaded), Noro (Nadeshiko), Debbie Bliss (Rialto Lace), and Malabrigo Yarns effective May 12th [ PriceList.pdf » ]. Our Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Yarn Collection is available for preview.

‹ New in March-April:
• April 25th: SUSANNA May 2014 are in stock: extravagant designs in ultra-trendy shapes and yarn combinations from Mondial (Italy). More supply is available for Estelle CLOUD COTTON [100% Organic Pima Cotton] col 113 Smoky Rose and 104 Fawn, Lang SOL DÉGRDÉ [100% Combed Cotton Ribbon] col 46 Sugar Plum Fairy Dance and 62 Rose Rhapsody. For admirers of self-flounced yarns, Estelle FRILL SEEKER LIGHT col 804 Nocturnal has been re-stocked.
• April 7-17th: IREN № 2-2014 (RU) are in stock: 27 catwalk trends from European yarn manufacturers, including Lana Grossa, Rowan and Anny Blatt: angora cardigans, Chanel jackets, extravagant XL-stitch pullovers and coats. More supply of Organic Black and CO2 Decaffeinated teas and a few new varieties arrived April 17th: Organic Mango Mango, Organic Cranberry Apple, Decaf Black Currant, Decaf Strawberry, and Organic Scottish Caramel Toffee Pu-erh. Special: "As fusty as knitting may be, the craft is cool again. It's been embraced by just about everyone, from athletes and movie stars to urban hipsters and biology geeks." - How knitting got its groove back » by Matthew Hague, The Globe and Mail.
• March 11-15th: FAIT MAIN HS Tricot Printemps 2014 have arrived: creative Waltz-of-Flowers designs from Rowan, Bergère de France, Schachenmayr, Plassard, Fil Katia and ONline. SUSANNA April 2014 are in stock: beautiful casual capes and long vests. Spring issues of WILD FIBERS Magazine are posted for purchases. Please expect an increase in our prices for yarns effective April 1st.
• March 4-10th: SABRINA (RU) March 2014 issues arrived: romantic designs for Spring in hues of Coral and Rose, transparent lace stitch patterns in Black and Cream, jacquards and cables in soft spring pastel Blue and Spring Bud Green. Mirasol NUNA FINA [40% Merino Wool, 40% Silk, 20% Viscose] is in stock: 300 m / 329 yards per 50 g hank, 18-24 sts / 23-24 rows on 3.25 - 5 mm needle (US 3-8), silken solids 4004 Deepwater, 4005 Amethyst, 4008 Foggy, 4012 Tandoori, 4013 Emerald City, 4015 Lavastone. Note: Our address for mail has been changed.

‹ New in January-February:
• February 20-24th: Noro Books HANAMI, Spring-Summer 2014, are available for purchases: 42 pages, 16 breathtaking designs. Malabrigo Books № 4 have been re-stocked. SUSANNA March 2014 and VERENA № 1-2014 are in our inventory. Note: Due to changes in prices of Canadian wholesale yarn supplies who buy in foreign currencies, our prices might be increased for a number of yarns effective April 1st.
• February 12-14th: Mirasol SULKA LEGATO [60% Merino Wool, 20% Alpaca, 20% Silk] arrived: 250 m / 274 yards per 50 g hank, 28 sts / 40 rows on 2.75 mm needle (US 2) heathers 01 Pearl, 03 Taupe, 04 Camel, 07 Sage, 09 Lilac, 14 Teal. KATIA Books CITY № 78 (SP, EN) and CASUAL № 77 (SP, EN), SUSANNA February 2014, SABRINA February 2014 (RU), and IREN № 1-2014 are in stock.
• February 3-6th: Pewter Clasps styles 65 Kari, 80 Bjorg and 128 Drage have been re-stocked. A Scarf Idea from Irene & Mr. Sheep: Two-Sided Fur Scarf made of 2 faux fur tapes Pilliccia Lupo sewn together /Stay warm! Spring 2014 issues of WILD FIBERS Magazine should arrive end of February. New varieties of Matcha Teas are expected in our Tea Shop in March: Kenya Green Flamingo - superb tea flavor with hints of light honey and white flower background, and Organic Green Yerba Mate Matcha - lightly vegetative with notes of walnut and toast, traditionally processed in Brazil, small batch crafted, 100% natural. A few new varieties of pre-packed teas and wellness Cold BGone will be available.
• January 29-31st: Katia ANGORA col 701 Snow has been re-stocked. Ella Rae TOOWOOMBA Leaflets are in our inventory: reprint Hat Collection, Katoomba Cowl, Lithgow Scarf. BURDA Tricot Printemps 2014 (№ 5) are in stock: a romantic and sunny collection of a blooming Paradise! An additional supply of SANDRA Knit Trends № 8 and 9 (EN) is available. • Note: Since Canadian wholesale yarn supplies who buy in foreign currencies will raise their prices effective January 31st, please expect a possible increase in our prices in April. • Did you know: In Asia, Gynostemma is known as a magical grass, it has a wide range of health-promoting benefits and promotes a sense of peace without being a sedative. The extract of the plant is so sweet in fact that it is used as a natural sweetener in Japan.
• January 3-17th: Lang HOME Magazine № 202 and Books № 209 CASHMERE are in stock. Jenny Watson's Books "NORO CITY GIRL" are back to our inventory. SABRINA (RU) № 1-2014 arrived January 7th. Keep yourself warm and wear naturally insulated angora, cashmere, camelhair, yak down, or simply sheep wool. Tip: wash your ultra warm natural garment with an egg or baby shampoo, or woolwash "no rinse" for long-lasting wearability.

‹ New in November-December:
• December 18-27th: SUSANNA January 2014 are in sock: 2pc suites, pullovers, office skirts and dresses in the most recent trends: patchwork style, jacquards and ethnic intarsias in lovely and feminine hues of Peach, Coral, Fuchsia, and elegant shades of Grey. Louisa Harding Books "KNITS From An ENGLISH ROSE" arrived December 27th. Ella Rae TOOWOOMBA Leaflets (reprint: Hat Collection, Katoomba Cowl, Lithgow Scarf) should arrive in January or will be available in free *.pdfs. Our Classic News archive has been updated: "Once upon a time, deep in a Norwegian forest, a man named Torgeir Berge and his dog Tinni came across a wild animal that would change their lives forever: a fox Berge named Sniffer that grew" to be the dog’s best friend » *Happy Holidays!*
• November 28 - December 11th: FILATI Handknitting № 54 Home & Gifts (EN) are in stock: Sensual and cozy accessories for your home, body and soul; Everything, from sweaters for macchiato glasses, shells for bowls and all possible styles of covers including chair covers, to rugs, poufs, sleepers, pants, and even matryoschkas to make everyone happy; Details ». SABRINA № 12-2013 (RU) and IREN № 6 arrived December 6th. Our Spring-Summer 2014 Yarn Collection is available for preview.
Policy Update: Due to changes in Canada Post shipping standards, our Shipping Policy has been updated: No adjustments for orders under $39.00 are issued except for orders of printed materials under 120g. No coverage provided for untraceable packages except for Letter-post items under 500g. Packages with tracking numbers are shipped everywhere with no restrictions (up to 30kg) via Canada Post, FedEx, or a trustworthy domestic courier. An increase in Canada Post postal prices is effective January 15th, 2014.
• November 12-22nd: Winter 2013-2014 Collections are in stock: BURDA Tricot Hiver № 4-2013, Sabrina FASHION KNITS № 6, SUSANNA December 2013, VERENA Winter 2013, and MODA KNITTING № 572. Did you know: Kenyan teas are all natural and almost organic by default. They are grown on estates, which do not use pesticides or herbicides because pests that typically damage tea crops are not found at their high altitudes. Try our new, handcrafted Kenya Silverback White - it is believed to be one of the rarest teas in the world. This tea is made from only the choicest, silken and velvety white tips. ENJOY.
• November 5-8th: Lang SOL DÉGRADÉ [100% Combed Cotton] col 20 Seashell is back to our inventory and a new colour 94 Frosty Water is available. A faux fur tape Mondial Pelliccia Lupo col 01 arrived. A brand new publication BURDA STYLE Knitting, Fall-Winter 2013 (EN) is in stock: Exquisite hand-knitted clothing from BURDA designers: casual capes and sleeveless pullovers, infinity and hooded scarves, Ikat patterns, ethnic waistcoats, cocooning jackets, fringed coats, patchwork pullovers, mini-dresses and slip dresses, furry jackets, lovely 80s pattern-mix pullovers, and small knit accessories for your home: Eskimo socks, a duffle bag, shawlettes, a crocheted choker, a cozy throw, bolster cushions. SABRINA November 2013 (RU) issues arrived: comfy yet neat and stylish knits using cables, shades of Green, fine voluminous yarns or ultra thin mohair. Noro Books SWEET WINTER and The MIRASOL Collection Books № 7 have been re-stocked. More inventory of SANDRA Knit Trends № 9 is available.

‹ New in October:
• October 26-31st: TENDANCES Tricot № 19 (FR) are ready for purchases, VERENA № 3, Fall 2013 (RU) has been re-stocked. More supply of Manos Artesanas DANCING QUEEN [75% Mohair, 25% Wool] is available for col 0009 Nenufar, 3193 Adormidera, 5044 Lirio, and a new col 3194 Narciso is in stock.
• October 18-23rd: Two new varieties of Lanas Stop yarns: FOGLIA - a fashionable, elegant and romantic chiffon fabric yarn, and STRUZZO [60% Ostrich Feathers, 40% Acrylic] - a stunning feather fringe yarn; three new colours of a faux mink yarn VISÓN: col 100 Black, 306 Rose Mauve, 736 Desert Brown, faux LYNX col 708 Ancient Gold, new colours for Lanas Stop ANGORA - 300 Baby Pink, 400 Sky, 462 Indigo, and more invenoty of col 701 Snow are in stock. FAIT MAIN HS Tricot Hiver 2013 (FR), more supply of Lanas Stop HAND KNITTING № 121, and Lang Books Fatto a Mano № 203 MÜTZEN arrived, Details ». SUSANNA November 2013 are in stock.
• October 11-15th: A new colour, 352 Cinnamon Latte, is available for self-ruffling ribbon SENSUAL GEOMETRICO. Diamond MAHARASHTRA SILK in lace weight (731m / 800 yards per 100 g hank) and four variegated colours is in stock and will be posted for purchases within next two weeks, Oct 18-24. SANDRA Knit Trends № 9 and Stella TUTTO MAGLIA № 26 are in stock. A fancy fabric ribbon TECIDO RENDADO TRICO arrived: col 2803 Cheetah with Brown Lace, 2804 Peach & White Flowers on Beige with Peach Lace, 2811 Black Dots on White with White Lace, 2867 Purple & Heather Flowers on Écru with Violet Lace. SABRINA October 2013 and IREN № 5-2013 are in stock.
• October 1-3rd: FILATI Handknitting № 53 are in stock: Lovely fall-winter designs in three different styles from Lana Grossa: lady, casual outdoor, and for-all-occasions. More inventory of Ella Rae PANSIES [100% Cotton] is available for col 05 Nasturtium, 06 Wild Rose, and 08 Garden Poppies.

‹ New in September:
• September 27th: SUSANNA October 2013: casual jackets, light coats, stylish handbags, and haute couture from Russian knitwear designers MODA Knitting № 570 are in stock.
• September 5-13th: a brand-new masterpiece in breathtaking multies from Malabrigo, MECHA [100% Superwash Merino Wool], arrived: col 66 Lavanda, 120 Lotus, 416 Indiecita, 852 Persia, 862 Piedras, 870 Candombe, 876 Orujo, 881 Lluvias; chunky 11 sts / 13 rows, needle size 6 mm, put-up 120 m / 100g. Louisa Harding LUZIA, a fashionable feather-weight faux fur yarn, col 04 Emerald, 07 Otter, 08 Black, LUZIA Books, and a brand new knit lace SENSUAL GEOMETRICO col 351 White and Baby Pink, 354 Peach and Apricot, 359 Dusty Violet and Lilac are in our stock. Ella Rae TOOWOOMBA arrived September 9th: It is a tubular sock yarn dyed in deep and juicy variegated hues, 95 m / 50g, needle size - 4 mm, col 01, 02, 03, 06, 09 are in stock. VERENA Fall 2013 and SABRINA № 9, 2013 will be posted for purchases September 17-18. Exciting news: Brittany Needles has been nominated in Martha Stewart's American Made contest; If you would like to vote (each person can cast six votes a day until September 13th), please follow the link.

‹ New in August:
• August 29th: Fall-Winter 2013 LANG Books are in stock, the most delicate and exquisite Lang's fashion collections ever: Fatto a Mano № 199 Collection, Fatto a Mano № 200 Casual, Fatto a Mano № 201 Colour, Fatto a Mano № 202 Home, Fatto a Mano № 203 Mutzen (Hats). Enjoy!
• August 23-27th: Mondial PELLICIA Lupo, a fashionable faux fur tape (great for trims and making handbags), Mondial TULLE col 250 and 252, FAIT MAIN Tricot Automne 2013, and Mondial Books CAP HUT (IT, EN, GR, SP) are in stock. Fantasies and Mondilamania catalogues should arrive in October.
• August 12-20th: New Lotus Yarns and colours are in stock: Fluffy Baby Camel Handspun in Natural Camel, fingering-weight Pure Mink in Natural White, an exotic handspun blend of Mink and Cashmere, Cashmere Fingering in velvety and slightly dusty hues 04 Taupe, 19 Sky, 29 Evergreen, 35 Dusty Teal, 41 Light Grey, 43 Powder Peach, 47 Ash, 49 Purple Mauve, 53 Dusty Honeydew, Natural Linen - a raw linen yarn suitable for home decor articles and fashion accessories, and more inventory of Mink Handspun. KATIA Books ELEGANCE № 76 (SP, EN), Accessories № 7 (SP, EN), and SUSANNA September 2013 have arrived. BURDA TRICOT Hiver 2013 - stunning and one-of-a-kind, top designers' hand-knitted masterpieces, TENDANCES Tricot № 18 - comfy rustic clothing and accessories worked in soft and calming natural yarns, and crocheted haute couture inspired by Lu Lanne, Nhite, Marc Jacobs, Alice + Olivia, Jen Kao - MODA Knitting № 569 and posted for purchases.
• August 7-9th: A brand new yarn from Noro's Fall 2013 Collection SHIRO [40% Wool, 30% Cashmere, 30% Silk] arrived: col 01 After Eight, 03 Sweet Treat, 08 Zesty Lemon, 09 Iced Blackberry. Noro Books SWEET WINTER are in our inventory: 15 fascinating Claudia Wersing's designs worked in Shiro, Obi and Cyochin. Malabrigo SILKPACA [70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk] col 130 Damask and 052 Paris Night, and Malabrigo MERINO WORSTED [100% Kettle Dyed Pure Merino Wool] col 244 Brisa are in stock. All colours of Diamond Luxury Collection Llama Silk [40% Wool, 30% Llama, 30% Silk] have been re-stocked: 222 Paprika, 224 Faun, 226 Olive, 227 Soft Jade, 229 Denim, 230 Blue Sky. New magazines are posted for purchase: IREN № 4: 28 stylish and unconstrained designs, from Lana Grossa and Anny Blatt, knitted and crocheted in different trendy shapes and styles: colour blocks, easy chic, orange inspiration, natural charm, and classic; and SABRINA August 2013 (RU): Casual designs based on a new trend of contrast lengths and/or styles within one piece of clothing - combination of short and long details of a garment, contrast styles - feminine/brutal or playful/calm.

‹ New in June-July:
• July 25-31st: Soft and luxury Diamond BABY LLAMA HEATHER (Fall-Winter 2013 Collection) all colours are in stock: 850 Chocolate, 851 Claret, 852 Forest, 853 Teal, 854 Indigo, 855 Purple. Two brand new yarns from Estelle's Fall-Winter 2013 Collection - ALPACA 60 and ALPACA 33, and Italian casual collection SUSANNA August 2013 are posted for purchases. Stella TUTTO MAGLIA issues № 25 are in our inventory. Noro Ayatori soft pastels 05 and 06 have been re-stocked.
• July 15-19th: A posh collection of crocheted fashion MODA Knitting № 567, exclusive designs in romantic Sky Blue and ethno-style clothing in Shades of Tan and Sunglow - SABRINA July 2013 (RU) are in stock. Ultra soft, velvety to the touch, and naturally lustrous Estelle ALPACA 60 in chunky weight (60 m / 100 g, unit price $13.99CAD) arrived July 19th, all colours: 01 Winter White, 02 Black, 03 Pewter, 04 Mulberry, and 05 Ruby. New organic and rare teas arrived to our Tea Shop: Alishan High Mountain Oolong - rare tea (top 5%), Lime Leaves (Thailand, Bua Yai), Organic Scottish Caramel Pu-erh, Organic Rose Petals, Organic Rooibos Matcha, Organic Pearl River Green, pre-packed in 100 g bags with the original labels Yorkshire Earl Grey and Jasmine With Flowers, and an exclusive - Kenya Silverback White - breathtaking flavor with notes of honey, roasted nuts and Madagascar vanilla. Yummy!
• June 18-24th: A gorgeous, brand new for Fall-Winter 2013 Yorkshire Wool yarn from Baa Ram Ewe TITUS [50% Wensleydale, 20% Bluefaced Leicester, 30% UK Alpaca] in soft undyed Naturals 01 White Rose, 02 Yorkstone, and 08 Coal, is in stock. New colours for Lang Cashmere Premium [100% Premium Cashmere]: col 10 Light Azure, 15 Cocoa, 48 Dusk and 146 Lilac have arrived. Noro Ayatori col 13, 21, 23, 24 are back on our shelves; soft pastels 02, 05, 06 and 12 should arrive in a few weeks.
• June 11-12th: A brand new yarn, MERINO ALPACA, from Diamond Fall-Winter 2013 Luxury Collection is in stock: super soft Naturals 1000 Écru, 1001 Sand, 1003 Pebble, 1004 Chocolate; fiber composition - 70/30 blend of Merino Wool and Alpaca Superfine, aran weight (18 sts / 24 rows), needle size - 5mm (US8), put-up 93 m / 50 g, super soft, dehaired, eco. Malabrigo Merino Worsted col 51 VAA is available. Aslan Trends Royal Alpaca [100% Dehiared Royal Alpaca] has been re-stocked: Natural col 18 Grey, 22 Chocolate, 37 Bone, 402 Cocoa, 158 Coal, and 7443 Curry are in our inventory and will be posted for purchases by end of July.
• June 4-7th: Araucania Lontué, a fingering-weight cottoline, col 06 Denim Combo and 07 Fire Fly Combo have been re-stocked. FAIT MAIN Tricot Été 2013, IREN № 3 /2013, and SABRINA June 2013 (RU) arrived. Orkney Angora LANGAMAY is in stock: An ultra soft 70/30 double-knit blend of lambswool and Mongolian cashmere, col 000 Undyed Natural White and a monochrome col 109 Shades of Black and White arrived June 7th and will be posted for purchases next week, June 10-12th. Our Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Yarn Collection is available for preview. Note: We now accept certified cheques in US Funds.

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