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Last modified on
May 29, 2015


Novelty and Textured Yarns: Ribbons, Faux Fur, Chenille, Frill, Eyelash, etc.


Novelty, Textured, Man Manufactured Yarns
Waistcoat with Crochet Flowers and Faux Fur © SUSANNA № 2, 2011.
  Other than yarns made of animal wool, plant fibers (cotton, linen (flax), rayon and viscose, etc.), bast fibers (hemp, banana fiber, soy silk) and silk itself, there is a category of man-made, synthetically manufactured fibers such as acrylic (Dralon®, Courtelle®, etc.), nylon, olefin, polyester, polyamide, acetate, anidex, aramid, azlon, elastoester, glass, lyocell, melamine, metallic, modacrylic, nytril, olefin, PBI, PEN, PLA, polypropylene, saran, spandex (lycra), chlorofiber, sulfar, triacetate, vinal, vinyon, and many, many others, inlcuding fibers produced by bacteria, high-tech fibers, super-function and super-natural fiber materials, etc. Many man-made fibers and yarns are created from petroleum by-products using so called nanotechnology.

Usually, a yarn is considered as novelty if it has an interesting texture, or other special features that distinguish it from regular plied yarns. The most commmon types of novelty yarns are bouclé, eyelash, fleece-effect, flammé, different kinds of ribbons and tapes, etc., and yarns with mixed texture, in which a few stylish, different textured strands are mixed into one yarn.
"In the 1930s, as technology advanced, humans learned how to create their own fiber. Since the 1950s, many superlatived advances in synthetic fibers have been achieved, and the availability of these man-made fibers has outstripped the natural ones." - For more information please refer to FiberSource.com

"In the past, priority was given to the efficient mass production, but now and in the future, more attention must be given to the quality of people's life." - Reference: New Fibers, Tatsuya Hongo & Glin O. Phillips

Though our specialization is yarns made of natural fibers, we support a small inventory of textured and petroleum-free man-made yarns.

FYI: Nowadays, only overly impressionable people will be touched by reading the yarn label: banana silk, milk protein, seaweed, dog hair (chiengora), etc. But now, we can even try a yarn made of old newspapers! It was created by Greetje van Tiem in 2007: www.dezeen.com.

Angel, Lang
Belfilo, Lana Grossa
Dolce, Nova
Dove, Nova
Ebru, Nova
Erba, Lana Grossa
Flores, Lang
Foglia, Lanas Stop
Folie, Diamond
Follia, Laines du Nord
Grace, Katia
  Greta, Katia
Lanalux, Lang
Malizia, Estelle
Malindi, Katia
Ondas Lux, Katia
Oyster, Lanas Stop new item
Paillettes, Katia
Park Avenue, Katia
Piccadilly, Estelle
Rivoli, Lang
  Rocio, Katia
Roma, Katia
Ronda, Katia
Sari Ribbon, Louisa Harding
Sensual Geometrico, Circulo
Starry Nights, Diamond
Tecido Rendado Trico, Circulo
Tulle, Mondial
Whisper, Estelle
Yaprak, Himalaya


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