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MAY 28/17


WOOL CARE natural
Eucalan, Millefiori Milano

FYI: Lanolin is the natural oil from sheep's wool. Is it similar in composition to sebum, the natural oil on human skin.
  Eucalan soaps: the original, Eucalyptus Wash is formulated especially for woolens such as sheep wool, cashmere, alpaca, angora, mohair; Lavender Wash , which is ideal for Finer Fabrics made out of silk, rayon and other cellulosic fibers, cotton, linen, polyester, etc.; Grapefruit Wash is great for lingerie and sports wear; Natural Unscented Wash is suitable for all types of fibers including synthetic. This wash is the best choice for those with scent sensitivities, and an excellent choice for men.
All of these soaps, except the Unscented Wash, are made with essential oils, but not with nature-identical oils, and contain Lanolin enriched concentrate, which softens fibers, reduces static and helps control wrinkles. They are non-toxic, phosphate and petro-chemical free, and an >eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning. The Eucalyptus and Lavender washes contain essential oils, and are both natural moth and flea inhibitors (repellents). Grapefruit Wash has natural antiseptic and disinfecting properties, and also contains natural essential oil, with no synthetic fragrance added. Woolwash "Ecalan" may be used by hand or in the washing machine.

icon Washing Instructions.PDF » (hand | machine wash)
icon Laundry Lessons.YouTube »
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How to wash Lingerie.YouTube »

Eucalan products can be used not only to wash woollen articles. They can also be helpful for washing special items like garments with beading, sequins, metallic, leather and fur trim. These soaps spot-clean rugs, wash upholstery, washable sheepskin garments, and seat covers.
The benefits of woolwash No Rinse become obvious when you deal with natural yarns made of precious fibers such as angora, alpaca, cashmere, superkid mohair, yak wool, silk. These yarns must be washed with the least possible amount of abuse for the fiber. When you wash your precious garment with regular laundry detergents, you squeeze out the excess water many times and can damage the yarn and fiber. By using special soaps, like Eucalan, for your precious knitwear, you prevent damage to the fiber and make your knitted garment even softer. If you preference if a regular laundry detergent, just dissolve a few squirts of woolwash No Rinse in your washing solution for better effect; important: use the same temperature of water for wash and rinse.- Irene & Mr.Sheep.

Makeup Brushes   Makeup brushes cleaning: 1. Wet bristles with water. 2. Add a drop of full-strength Eucalan to bristles. Massage through with fingers in the direction the bristles are placed (from base to tip) 3. Rinse well. Repeat Steps 2-3. 4. Gently squeeze excess water out of bristles by placing brush on a clean absorbent towel, wrap towel over bristles and press the towel down onto the bristles. Do not rub, simply press down. Do this several times, then allow brushes to lay on towel until fully dry. * Do not stand brushes on bristles or on ends as this will ruin your brush.
Makeup removal from clothing: (Deal with stain while it is still fresh) 1. Place paper towel underneath fabric. 2. Blot stain with paper towel to remove excess makeup. 3. Apply Eucalan to stain. Blotting with paper towel. Do this several times. 4. Once saturated, rinse stain with tepid water. Most of the colour should be gone by this point. 5. Apply Eucalan again. Work it in to fabric. Rinse.

  Currently, we accept bank e-transfers (Canadian Funds) and certified cheques/bank drafts/money orders (CAD and US funds). We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please check our News for updates. Online credit card processing will be resumed. Thank you for your patience.

WOOLWASH NO RINSE, Eucalan: Gift Packs
Woolwash Eucalan, Gift Pack /4 pc includes 4 x 60 ml bottles of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Grapefruit and Natural Unscented shampoos, and a vinyl bag with zipper around the top. Neatly packaged to make an instant gift.
Price: $17.99 /each

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icon PUMPS
Pumps for 4L jug and 500 ml bottles. Pumps are a convenient and precise method of despensing Eucalan soaps. 1 tbs /5 ml = 1 squirt (4L jug pump) = 2 squirts (500 ml bottle pump).
Price / for 4L jugs: $5.99 | IN STOCK: 8

Price /for 500ml bottles: $1.99 | IN STOCK: 3

icon EUCALYPTUS, 500 mL
Natural moth and flea inhibiting properties, scented with natural essential oil. Use: excellent for wool and other natural fibers, washing pets and their bedding, nice compliment for equestrian tack. Recommended for wool, cashmere, alpaca, angora, mohair and other natural woollens. [Washing instructions.pdf]

  Price: $9.99 /bottle. One bottle does approx 95 hand washes.
IN STOCK: 4 bottles

* We ship Eucalan products within Ontario only.

icon GRAPEFRUIT, 500 mL
Natural antiseptic and disinfecting properties, refreshing and uplifting. Use: excellent for lingerie, exercise wear with lycra, bathing suits, support and panty hose; add a nice scent for baby items like plush toys, blankets, and bedding. Recommended for wool and most other natural fibers, perfect for synthetic ones. [Washing instructions.pdf]

  Price: $9.99 /bottle. One bottle does approx 95 hand washes.
IN STOCK: 3 bottles

We ship Eucalan products within Ontario only.

icon LAVENDER, 500 mL
Natural moth and flea inhibiting properties, natural antiseptic, calming, relaxing and uplifting. Use: excellent for natural, non-woollen fibers, lingerie and sports wear, baby items, washing pets. Recommended for silk, rayon, cotton, linen, polyester, etc. [Washing instructions.pdf]

  Price: $9.99 /bottle. One bottle does approx 95 hand washes.
IN STOCK: 3 bottles

We ship Eucalan products within Ontario only.



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