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Knitwear, Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine Knitwear, Debbie Knitting Magazine Knitwear, Debbie Knitting Magazine Knitwear, Debbie Knitting Magazine Knitwear, Debbie Knitting Magazine
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DEBBIE BLISS Knitting Magazine
Price (CAD): $8.99 /each

Debbie Bliss Magazine


DEBBIE BLISS Knitting Magazine № 7, Fall-Winter 2011-2012. Fashion: Black and white minimalism, Sumptuous wraps and scarves, Sweaters in mustard hues, Animal-print knitted home décor, Sweet halos of mohair-and-silk. Features: Kate Haxell chats with Ruth Bridgeman about the ethos that guides her hand-knits company, WWII British propaganda campaign and its today's precepts, Yarn storming has captured UK.
108 pages / 32 designs. Details »
| weight: 250 g


Debbie Bliss Magazine


DEBBIE BLISS Knitting Magazine № 6, Spring-Summer 2011. Fashion: Fabulous Florals - frankly feminine spring designs with knitted garden blooms: The Rose Cardigan, The Rose Crew Neck, The Floral Tee; A Fine Romance: Lacy, light, luxurious knits with gossamer blend of superkid mohair and silk (Debbie Bliss Angel); Mamma Mia: dresses for mother and daughter knitted in the purest, softest organic cotton; In Living Colour: Home decor projects in hot and spicy hues; The Kids Are All Bright: Little ones adore confident styles, dress them in knits as colourful as their personalities. Features: The Grace of Lace, Books, Ask Rosy, Yarns.
108 pages / 29 designs. Details » | weight: 260 g



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